Why I Wont Be Getting Kinect At Launch

If you’ve been following my column on SlashGear, you know that I’m a pretty serious gamer. In fact, I’d say that I’m about as hardcore as they come. Aside from the fact that I’ve been playing games for longer than I choose to remember, I have real and abiding love for everything from role-playing games to sports games. There hasn’t been a single genre that I haven’t at one time or another loved.

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rroded2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

wit half a brain... no games laggy buggy tech why would ya buy kinect?
Seriously cause a couple tween stars oprah n ellen are pimping it lol ms prob blew a big chunk of that "500" mil on that alone.

The wii sold because it had real star power.(mario,zelda,metroid say hi) The games were fresh n presented in a new way. Kinects just an eye toy light. While the move took what nintendo did and refined enhanced and made it so much more. Anyone looking at making a hd upgrades knows the ps3 is the way. Really the xbox is old dvd tech pay for play n unreliable. No amount of advertising is going to change that. Heck the president of the USA could endorse it (and may yet do so) and still its going to flop. Sure the U.S market might keep it floating but for a year or two tops.

IMO anyone saying Kinect is gonna fly off the shelves should lay off the cool aid.

HolyOrangeCows2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

"no games laggy buggy tech why would ya buy kinect?"

Because you're a slave to commercialism or because Oprah said to.

metsgaming2729d ago

even if their was no lag it cant do real game bc of the lack of buttons.

lowcarb2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Dude you sound so insecure it's frightening. How can anybody on this site honestly agree with you or take you serious. Rant rant rant lol. If you think Kinect is going to flop then you need to get your head checked. Also in 2 years there will be new consoles here so wtf are you whining about. You are on a mission to spread hate and it's not working watch nov.4th. :0

CYCLEGAMER2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

LMAO....Let me show you (and everybody else) how much of a FANBOY you are.

You said: Kinect is just an eyetoy lite, then you turn around and say the Move took everything that wii did and enhanced it.

First of all if you want to call anything an eyetoy lite (or an eyetoy like cam) it would be the xbox live vision cam because it does motion like the eyetoy does, but you probably wouldn't know that.

As to your second comment, how can you say that the Move is an enhanced version of the Wii but the Kinect isn't an enhancement of the ps eye???? Using the Ps Eye, can you sign onto your ps3 using facial recognition? NO. Using your Ps Eye, can you use your hand to navigate the menu's on your ps3? NO. Using the Ps Eye can you use your voice to navigate the menu's on your PS3? NO. Can you operate and play your games in 3d space without a controller?? NO.

Sounds like Kinect is an ENHANCEMENT to me, take the goggles off, ya might learn something.

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uNDIsBUted2729d ago

Totally shocked. Do you read any ps3 articles rroded? That goes for all of you. There are 16 comments on a GT5 article(supposedly the best game ever) 3 stories down and yet, lo and behold, the Disciples of the Church of Sony are talking about kinect instead. Weird

FragMnTagM2729d ago

Hence the trolling of Kinect articles like it is their life long journey to diss everything that is not Sony and praise only Sony, mighty, kind, loving Sony.

I can see some of the complaints, but most of them are just retarded.

We all knew from the start that "hardcore" games weren't going to be the focus of the device, but we still have people complaining about that. It is a casual device first and foremost. Just because the dil.. er Move does "hardcore" games doesn't mean the Kinect has to to be good.

My kids are going to love the Kinect and so will everyone else's kids. Does it bother Sony loyalists that much that my kids will have fun with a device that is not for their "holy" machine? It must, because they are in every Kinect article attempting to trash it every single day.

What they are trying to accomplish, I do not know, but it is not going to work regardless as 99% of the people it is aimed at do not read this site. So their annoying comments are futile to say the least, it really makes you wonder what kind of mental problems they have to day in and day out completely and totally bash a product that the have "no interest" in.

Hate all you want peeps, I am still getting it. Hell I am buying two of them. One for my little cousin and one for my kids. Stuff that in your pipe and smoke it.

iPad2728d ago

No one is forcing you to buy it at launch.

Cold 20002730d ago

"Why I Wont Be Getting Kinect At Launch"

I wont be getting one either but it will still sell gazillions and put "them" into a rage.

HolyOrangeCows2729d ago

"Them" being people who don't want to watch the gaming industry further Wii-ize?

You know, people with their heads out of the fanboy BS butts that want to see gaming advance, as opposed to people who care more about sales charts?

uNDIsBUted2729d ago

Them that think that kinect is eyetoy 2 but move is original, no way is move Wii-hd.
Those that will disagree with anything positive about kinect

lowcarb2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

"as opposed to people who care more about sales charts?"

Yeah but the people that keep bringing up sales (like your doing now) are Sony fanboys. It's not are fault you guys feel insecure and bring it up every time you want to try and prove a point.

edit: No your running back to fanboy nonsense assuming you know what gamers like me want or feel about gaming. I love gaming and can't wait to see how things progress and look in the future. People like you are pathetic and the ones who are not real gamers. Kinect is a natural progression that was bound to happen. The problem your having is that MS is pretty much doing what Sony should of done but screwed up by copying the Wii. Just admit your jealous and it will be easier for you to deal with. This is not about sales but yes it's about the future of gaming. I've been around a very long time and right now Kinect is the closes thing to VR gaming ever. Your worried about the wrong thing right now and can't seem to look beyond this Sony loyalty crap. If I were emotionally invested I would be doing the exact same thing your doing and trolling PS3 news. You know why I don't troll PS3 news? Because I don't care about PS3 news. You guys are sad excuses for humans and deserve a nice butt kicking since your parents obviously didn't teach you any manners. I mean your 3rd party(i guess meant to be low comment) argument is dumb. Like it really matters who owns a company to enjoy a game. On Nov. 4th and Christmas many people will be enjoying games unlike you that will sit here on Sony's payroll I take it to spread fud. Your hate only leads to more sales something you will never understand. thanks for being a real gamer...Hater!

HolyOrangeCows2729d ago

"It's not are fault you guys feel insecure"

Yep, running back to the fanboy nonsense. You don't care about gaming, you just care about the company that you're emotionally invested in.

I hope you're happy when the Xbox 3 is all party games.

uNDIsBUted2729d ago

We aren't friends, why should you worry what we xbox gamers want? Why does kinect affect you so much? You're with Sony right? You're happy with Sony right? Why are you then spending so much of your time in a kinect article? Wii came along and look, Sony is still standing and pleasing you right? Why then are you afraid of what kinect can do? Please answer me that. I beg you

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Bigpappy2730d ago

Why do people think that other people are not going to even move with out their ok.

Talk about self centered. I decided to get a plasma Tv over the LCD last year. I never got the urge to go on the internet and write about that.

FragMnTagM2729d ago

I used to be an LCD guy, but I have to admit the plasma was a hell of a pleasant surprise. 58" Samsung with 2,000,000:1 contrast FTW and 600hz refresh rate.

I don't get the haters agenda with the Kinect.

When the Wii came out, did it ruin the industry? No. When the Move came out did it ruin the industry? No. When the Kinect comes out will it ruin the industry? No. So why must they troll every Kinect article like it is their mission in life to do so? No life? Possibly. Secretly want the device but bash it to look "cool" in front of their "friends?" Most likely.

Kind of like how some gay people who haven't come out of the cloest yet, bash other gay people.

KratosGirI2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

$150 is too much. Just add $50 more and you can get yourself an actual console!

jack who2730d ago

funny cuzz do the same with the ps move and you can get yourself an actual console too

KratosGod32729d ago

Tell me were to get a PS3 for $150.
pleace tell me.

FragMnTagM2729d ago

that would be 199 buddy. And HHGReg has a 160gb fat model for 199 right now.

The-Tentacle2729d ago

Move starter kit - $100

$100 + $50 = $199 ? ?

FagMnTbagM needs more fingers, think before you flame, you could look foolish.

gigaware2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

I've seen your comment history and I must say I find it funny you try to come across as not biased from the start. And yes I'm very excites for Kinect it will bring new experiences and a new way to play for my console that is different from the 30 years and 5 years of what we have already experienced. I think that is why you hate Kinect because so many others feel the same way. The amount of these articles seem low must be saving the bulk of the hate for after release which seems in vein.

soundslike2729d ago

people ARE biased. if you are a human and not working as a journalist, and you aren't biased, then you are a robot.

N4WAH2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Every person is bias on some level. It's human nature. Intelligence, common sense, street smarts or life experiences aside, we all have bias / personal preferences. The thing is I wish people could give their honest opinions without letting their bias get in the way of it.

I'm not bias against Kinect I just wish MS would have put that money into games for their core audience. 500 million dollars to market it is what frustrates me most. MS puts nearly as much money into advertising then their products. 500 million dollars is a lot of money that could have been spent on DLC, games, studio support, etc.

Cynder2729d ago

The plastation move can be far more expensive even with it's bundle thanks to the 40 bucks motion control and the 30 bucks navigation controllers with the kinect at the least you don't have to buy anything else.


What he said. It's on $50 more than the Move and you don't have to purchase anything else so in all actuality, Kinect is cheaper.

Cynder2728d ago

It's 99$ for the bundle 30 for the navigation controller and only 1 person can use it that's already 130,move can be far more expensive.

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dtrain212730d ago

Cuz your a P$3 fanboy and MAD at Xbox for taking all the glory from Sony

Yi-Long2730d ago

... to not be interested in Kinect.

Personally, I don't care for Kinect, but I also don't care for Move, and apart from some rare games that work really well with the new controls, I also don't care for the Wii.

I just prefer to play my games sitting down with a controller in my hand.

That said, I can see SOME of the content for Kinect being potentially great, if it all works as advertised, like (obviously) Dance Central and some of the fitness-stuff. But game-wise I don't really see anything all that interesting that Kinect has to offer.

I won't be buying it anytime soon. I can wait a year till the price has dropped, so I can pick up Kinect + Dance Central for my girlfriend for a fraction of the current price.

AceofStaves2729d ago

Wow. Insecure much?

Some of us aren't getting Kinect for other reasons, you know. Not everyone can use it, for example.

Baka-akaB2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

you should know it by know . There is no middle ground apparently .

You either drink the whole koolaid or you are the enemy , no sipping allowed /s

FragMnTagM2729d ago

You really think most of the comments on Kinect articles are playing the "middle ground?" Yeah right. That's cool if people are little weary on it. But to come into every single Kinect article and bash the living hell out of it for no apparent reason is not playing the middle ground.

You are not as bad as the others, but from your comment history, you definitely lean heavily towards Sony. I don't try to make enemies on here, but some of the commentators are just asinine.

For instance: "Because you're a slave to commercialism or because Oprah said to."

Baka-akaB2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

It is just ridiculous to write off every kinect haters as ps3 fans or fanboy imo . As a matter of fact some 360 and/or owners just arent interested in motion gaming , or they want some definitive proof with "hardcore games" that arent there yet for kinect , and move (too a lesser extent hwoever) .

I rmemeber as an example Beaarthr around here , who doesnt strike me as some fanboy lunatic (the one bubble squads in particular) .

As for me myself , well yeah like you've said , i do have a preference .
Everyone does . As long as it based on gaming prefs , tastes , and not about bashing fable or killzone as pure crap , because on the rival console , it's more than sane and normal .

deadreckoning6662729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

@dtrain21- Not true friend. I'm no PS3 fanboy, but I'm not getting Kinect at launch because I honestly can't afford it. And even if I DID have the money, I'd wait until more games come out that appeal to me more.

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