TGH: Top 10 Horror/Scariest Games (2010 Edition)

TGH Writes:Halloween is almost dawning and what gets me into the mood for Halloween is all the horror movies and games. Halloween would not be fun without all the horror content that is out there. Some are great and classics, others are done poorly and laughable. I am a big horror gamer, and there has been many titles out there that give that horror vibe but, what is the scariest video game out there. Well, everyone has a list they like to give but, here is my list of TOP 10 HORROR/SCARIEST GAMES 2010 EDITION!

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Good games.

Amnesia just took the 1st place easily when I played that.

The scariest game.

There are others games very scary like Penumbra Overture Vol 1 and Penumbra Black Plague.

The_Zeitgeist2764d ago

Smart choice of Silent hill at number one. i recently bought the game off of PSN and have been playing it and surprisingly it makes you jump to this day. I gotta say the controls are totally archaic by todays standards.

Venox20082764d ago

agree with list.. try Fatal Frame IV and Deadly premonition - awesome games :)

MasterJesus1012763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

A lot of these are crazy scary. I might play some of them today, also I nevered played Amnesia yet, looking forward on getting on.

DeathsAmbition2763d ago

Buy the game, scary, fun, and diffcult. Amnesia can get hard at times and really the sanity meter within the game will make some good strategy within the gameplay.

The1One2763d ago

In my words Amnesia sould have been #1. Silent Hill is an awesome game but, I feel that Amnesia was way scarier. Overall, good list man.

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