10 Best Video Game Costumes That Will Scare The Crap Out Of Kids

Game Rev: Kids are great, or at least that's what my friends who are parents tell me. I think they're okay, especially since I can just hand them back to my pals when I'm done using them to pick up chicks at the mall. But the best part about other people's kids is that you can mess with their heads and leave it up to their parents to pay for the years and years of therapy it will take to undue the damage of you jumping out of nowhere dressed as a vampire, wolfman, or zombie. And it being Halloween time and all, we thought we'd help you out with some costume suggestions that are sure to make a lasting impression on a child.

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niminator2695d ago

Creepy Michael Jackson costume comes with free kid stuck in your pants.

danielle0072695d ago

I want to be a Silent Hill Nurse. Would be awesome.

Relientk772695d ago

I was gonna say Pyramid Head from Silent Hill