10 Pant-Wetting PlayStation Moments

PSU: Over the years, gaming aficionados have had a myriad of standout, pant-wetting shocks drilled in to their minds that have lead to countless sleepless, sweat-filled nights, and it’s these iconic, fright-filled moments that the chaps at PSU Towers have braved to celebrate in conjunction with Halloween 2010. We’ve plucked ten moments spanning the PlayStation brand’s illustrious 15-year history worth of scares for your consumption below. Take a look—if you dare

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Hellsvacancy2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

I had a "Playstation pant wettin moment" yesterday, my mighty 40gig PS3 (500hdd upgrade) finally died after 3 years, tried fixin it like hav a number of times b4 but no joy

So yeah, im rather bored/pissed-off, ill buy a Slim on my next wage packet in two weeks time till then lifes gonna suck

T9X692732d ago

The Slims are great, not as good as the older models since they lack some features but still great none the less. I've had my 250GB for almost a year now and not had a single problem what so ever with it. They tend to get hot as hell really quick, but it's never effected my system or gameplay.

HDgamer2732d ago

Better use and get your ps3 back for under 100 dollars with all your stuff on the drive.

NothingToGainButLove2732d ago

Man i really want to play Silent Hill 2 now :O

Matthew942731d ago

just starved off the attack lol

BannedForNineYears2731d ago

Pant-wetting.........Weird.... ..