Pro Athlete injures himself playing videogames

British tennis player Andy Murray is currently ranked 4th in the world, but it appears as though his competitive nature is just as strong off the court as it is on there. Earlier this week he attended the wedding of his brother (dutifully being the best man) and the night before they decided to play some videogames. During a heated game, Murray ended up straining a tendon in his hand.

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SixZeroFour2765d ago

thats right, you need to be a finely tuned machine to be a gamer...just being a pro athelete doesnt cut it anymore lol

granthinds2765d ago

Can anyone say, "Irony?!" :) This is pretty funny actually...

ipunchedGOD8982765d ago

Since I'm god, and you can't mock me, I can admit this. I once pulled my groin playing Wii Fit. Clearly I wasn't fit. And it wasn't funny.

bastiartadi2765d ago

are 'fit' in their own way.

SSJBen2765d ago

Article is half correct, half wrong lol.
Tennis season already over?

Theres still a Masters 1000 event and the Barclays ATP Final to play, both of which Murray has to be in and is VERY important.

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