Console wars heating up! Which bundle is prevailing?

Conflicting Gamers, "Recently we put together a poll and asked “Which bundle will prevail?“, the Red Super Mario Bros.-themed console bundle, the PlayStation 3 Move bundle or the Xbox 360 Kienct bundle. The poll is still up, until November 4th that is, so hit it up if you haven’t yet.

We thought we would look in on how they’re doing from a source that is one of the leading retailers to purchase online, Amazon. This is in no way a representation of what the nation as a whole is doing in sales on each console but it does give an idea what to expect."

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fromasterjay2729d ago

they all have there pros and cons, but i like them all...

SeNiLe9112729d ago

but sold the Wii to make room for Kinect!! LOL

Cenobia2728d ago

Wait, did you actually do that?

Nintendo just announced all those core games and you sold a casual console for an even more casual peripheral?

You are out of your mind (imo, of course).

ispendallday2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

He's SeNiLe!!

SeNiLe9112728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

It was collecting dust. My older niece and nephew stopped playing it and moved on to my Xbox 360. I never played it, so I sold it.

My wife kind of wanted it still because her girlfriends were all getting into Just Dance. Now she can get her girlfriends into Dance Central instead.

Me? I doubt I will play Kinect all that much until Child of Eden comes out, but my newest niece and nephew will have a great time with it.

There you go. I might be out of my mind but I can always buy it again if something really draws me in but I would rather wait for the WiiHD to tell you the truth.

seinfan2728d ago

It's nice you got rid of the Wii, but it's sad you're getting Kinect.

Seferoth752728d ago

Glad you sold it. Wii needs less ignorant casuals who know nothing about the console.

It is funny though that people act like selling the Wii says they are core gamers but it is the exact opposite. You didnt play the highest rated game this gen?MH is casual to you?Kirby, Dk, GoldenEye NSMBWii, NMH, Overkill, Zelda, Metroid, and on and on and on. Yet fanboys and trolls act like there is nothing at all to play.

It doesnt make the Wii look bad kid, just proves you are a casual gamer

AWBrawler2728d ago

People seem to forget that Kinect may actually be more casual than the Wii or PS2 ever were

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blumatt2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

...but I only kept it for 2 weeks. lol I bought and played Halo Reach and hated it. I re-bought MW2 to have something to play on it, but then decided I just didn't need it since there's nothing on it I like that I can't get on PS3. I thought I wanted it, but once I started messing around with it, and bought Live, I realized it's just not THAT much better than PSN for my own personal needs. I don't care about cross game chat and as far as the party system, the PSN is adequate at allowing me to play with my friends. And I don't have a Wii because I've played all its games before. They're mostly rehashes like Mario, Donkey Kong, and Kirby, all the same games they've always had. Not a whole lot of new compelling IPs on the Wii.

seinfan2728d ago

Any multiplat game that I get would be on 360. PS3 is reserved for the exclusives and Blu-ray.

blumatt2728d ago

There are actually a few multiplats that look better on PS3, though. I think the days of multiplats looking better on 360 is coming to an end as more and more devs. are developing on the PS3 first and porting to the 360, which results in a much closer game than the other way around

AWBrawler2728d ago

No new compelling IPs? I better not hear you talking about No more Heroes Paradise. And we all know thats a lie. I bet you can't even name any new IPs on wii minus the marios, pokemon, zeldas, and metroids, but there have been PLENTY.

Go ahead, Mr. I played em all. Name me some games you played? If you can't, I understand... its cos you didn't.

Why do people lie like they played and hated Wii just to sound hardcore? Half of these people look at me funny when I name my Wii games I have, cos that had no idea those games existed. I've actually met people who claim hardcore, but don't even know what Sin and Punishment is, or Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, And when I name obscure titles like Skycrawlers:Innocent Aces, Case Files Tunguska, Deadly Creatures, or Fragile:Farewell Ruins of the moon, they're really lost.
You posers need to stop lying and just tell the truth.

I don't own a PS3 or 360 anymore, not because I played everything and hate it (I liked some of the games), but because those games just weren't my style for the most part. I like the quirky games that are embarrassingly hard, because they look easy, such as A Boy and his Blob, Zombie Panic in Wonderland, and Zack and Wiki.

At the end of the day its all about preference, so saying a console sucks is ridiculous, because I'm sure that someone thinks yours suck, and someone else think they all suck!

vhero2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

comparing pre-orders to products that have been selling already for over a month?? EPIC FAIL. Although the 4gb Kinect bundle (in pre-orders)cant even outsell a MOVE bundle that's been selling for a month? Hows that even happen?
Oh I also TOTALLY AGREE with this...
I feel that if Sony does not force people to adopt Move then it will end up becoming a gimmick everyone wasted there money on. The developers will eventually drop the support for Move because the sales will be lower.

This goes for Microsoft as well. Once Kinect releases, they need bundle Kinect with every Xbox 360. They have a good start selling two bundles but really, they need only bundles from here on out and no stand-alone systems.

tatotiburon2729d ago

Move bundle will fail, even sony realize that nobody want it and they will launch the ps3 320gb consoles without move because it floped at retail.

blumatt2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

I don't think the Move bundle has flopped at all, man. Move is selling great so far. I really think the Move will sell progressively and on the PS4 it will be another optional control scheme implemented into most of its games, so the Move is a long-term investment. The good thing is there's a lot of AAA hardcore games to use with it within the next 6 months.

SeNiLe9112729d ago

Do you think Sony should bundle the Move controller with every PS3?

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

I love how tatotiburon talks like he has the slight clue. Trolls SMH.

No data to back your claims...what a surprise. lol

shazui1232729d ago

2.5million Moves sold in one month says you're wrong

baodeus2729d ago

WTF, i though the 4G ones would be higher up on that list. I mean, seriously if you already have 32 gig of USB storage, getting the 4gig kinect bundle is a better choice because that is pretty much all that you need to play everything on x360.

SeNiLe9112728d ago

outselling the PlayStation Move Starter Bundle.

Looks like the new PS3 owners are not digging Move.

TekoIie2728d ago

What is PS move?? Basically an add on controller for specific games. SPECIFIC GAMES! if i didnt have a ps3 i wouldnt be buying the move becuase i just want to use a controller and know i can play every game i can find in stores...

SeNiLe9112728d ago

PlayStation 3 Move Bundle. You get both controllers so you're able to play EVERYTHING.

You know?


YOU will only be able to do EVERYTHING if you pick up Move or a PS3 Move bundle.

BrianG2728d ago

Key word you missed on that site, HOURLY, update hourly

The new bundle came out after the move bundle. If it launched side my side then you could compare them.

Not to mention your showing a cheaper console outselling a more expensive one. Thats just dumb.

And I would argue they are digging it, seeing as how the move bundle is still in the top 50 Amazon orders, which are not the only place people buy consoles.

Bigpappy2728d ago

It is $399 same price a Move 320Gig bundle. I don't get your point.

KratosGod32728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

the most expensive kinect bundle is selling the best because the stand-alon camera is out of stock!!!.
I don't get your point. When theres no other choice.

ElementX2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

DUPLICATE! Don't people submitting even read N4G?

ispendallday2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

But you sir do not read the articles linked.

How is this:

Console wars heating up! Which bundle will prevail?

and this

Console wars heating up! Which bundle is prevailing?

a duplicate?

One is about the bundles being offered for the holidays and the other is looking at how they are faring in sales at the moment and how Sony... Why don't you just read them and you will see they are indeed not duplicates.

ElementX2728d ago

My apologies, maybe the titles should be a little more different than one word.

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