Player Affinity: WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 Review

Myself, Jay Malone, wrote: In the past few years, the Smackdown! vs. Raw games have entered a niche market that has been near impossible to break out of for the developers. In last year’s installment, it seemed like they had completely given up on getting out of that market by delivering a game solely for wrestling fans. Its introduction of the WWE Story Creator mode was probably the best thing to happen to the series in a long time. In this year’s installment, Yukes introduces WWE Universe among even more additions. Some of which work out fine, most of which fall slightly short.

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Invadersims2848d ago

Its a shame that after all this time, there still hasn't been a wrestling game that does everything right.

jjmtf222843d ago

Why do wrestling games always look so shitty?

DDMNeo2840d ago

Not a big fan of wrestling, or their games. Probably will never bother with this one.