Kinect selling out, believe the hype

It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, the hype for Kinect is building, and the half of a billion dollars Microsoft is dumping into advertising is working. Oprah is on board…so is The Ellen Show. In fact, so many different celebrities from Ashley Tisdale to Justin Bieber are in the mix, and the kids and their soccer Moms are eating this up.

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Agent-862851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

God help us all. This will lead to the further dumbing down of games for the masses and lead to evermore shovelware. When making AAA games cost lots of money, where do you think the publishers will put their money: making games for the lowest common denominator, at the least cost and most reward. The same thing happened to the TV and movie industries. Its hard to find real quality TV shows or movies when most get dumbed down for the masses. My fear is this Kinect thing is a success and it goes on to infect my PC gaming....then I'll really be pissed.

Simon_Brezhnev2851d ago

lol if it really makes motion gaming a standard i will quit gaming all together.

ryuzu2851d ago

Well as long as there is a market for existing non-motion style games then someone will cater for it.

Either way, while motion gaming might become the default in future, the Kinect/Wii/Move systems won't be the ones that do away with current gaming mechanisms.

Look at Wii, it's sold a bucket load of consoles but attach rates are low and the highest rated and biggest selling games (excluding pack ins like Sports & Resort) don't use or require motion control e.g. NSMB, SMG etc

I imagine the same will happen with Kinect - it'll sell a lot of cameras but the games will be poor as we've seen and not rate/sell that well going forward.


acedoh2851d ago

this as the future of gaming. The large portion of Wii owners are niche owners. Out to buy the newest toy. These people will play it day after day for weeks and then grow tired of it and move onto something else that tickles their fancy. Whereas the core gamer has been there since the beginning. Spending a large portion of their hard earned cash on gaming. Core gamers spend a lot of money on gaming and it's really to bad Microsoft is investing in the niche gamers. Even the Wii is losing it's appeal while the PS3 gains momentum. The same could be said for the 360 if it continued to invest in it's own studios that created core games. SONY could have abandoned the core gamers and just let the third parties dictate the games but they haven't. I really believe in the long run motion gaming will exist but not as important as it is now. Motion gaming can be fun but there are no titles that are as immersive as games like Uncharted 2 or Gears of War 2. That in reality is why most of us game.

danielle0072851d ago

For one, I never could, I'm an addict. I might go a few months without gaming seriously if I'm super busy, but I always go back. Plus, I love it. I looove games.

Secondly, it would be letting those casual bastards win.

I doubt that anyone would be stupid enough to abandon the core. We're the source of consistent sales, especially when it comes to great games. Even the Wii wound down after a while.

ChozenWoan2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

as in the return lines.

Sure it's going to sell well, with a $500 mil marketing budget it better sell well. However, once people get a taste of Kinect, they will realize that it's less accurate than the Wiimote.

Yea Kinect is aimed at kids, but even kids don't like broken toys. So don't be surprised if come Dec 26th, Kinect is topping the charts as the most returned item at retailers world wide.

Just saying.

JokesOnYou2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Games like Gears, Halo, and Uncharted aren't going anywhere. lol, that's just the talk of those who think the whole industry should cater to only the kind of games they like. Casuals may buy a console or a peripheral but they buy few games no matter how good the software is. As long as we buy games, hardcore gamers will dictate where devs devote their main efforts. Software sales ultimately is where devs make profits and thus hardcore gamers fate is in their own hands. Despite the scare tactics and the smoke screen of the haters why would devs suddenly leave the hardcore when the wii is yet another example that software is king no matter how popular motion control may be, the gaming industry has always been versatile, its common sense, thats why we aren't playing with joysticks with 1 button anymore, surely there's room for standard controllers AND motion controllers, I'm just as hardcore as any gamer but that won't stop me from picking up kinect.

Only the short sighted so-called-gamers would hope motion controls fail, when they should be hoping all motion controls and the games get better.

HolyOrangeCows2851d ago

Note: The games aren't. Soccer moms probably aren't even aware that games are sold separately.

gigaware2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

I was playing Halo Reach co-op campaign today for the first time wishing I could speak to other team members without anything covering my ears. I was wishing for Kinect to be released already.

2851d ago
punkpop1012851d ago

But if Move did that you'd be happy as hell huh?

captain-obvious2851d ago

I hope Kinect succeeds so then they go completely casual next gen
because TBH i dnot see them doing us hardcore gamers any good with not many first party games

and if they decided to leave us so be it
we dont want someone that gives up on us

diatom2851d ago

All this says is that Microsoft didn't have enough faith in the product to produce a sufficient quantity for launch...

After the Kin phone, I don't blame them.

EasilyTheBest2851d ago

...please dont buy Kinect if you think its rubbish.
Unlike perhaps a lot of you on here, I have played Kinect, not just in a store for 5 minutes, but for over 2 hours and 4 different games.
It works great, tiny amount of lag on sum games but non existant on others.
Theres a few times where it messes up a little, a few bugs, but not any more so than the Wii or The Move.
Check out the 1 hour IGN preview of Kinect. It just about sums up my go of it.
It was fun and we all had a laugh with it.
It was something different to The Wii and Move and the dashboard worked great with voice and with your hand, it didnt get confused with 4 people in the room and if some1 wanted to take over the menu selection you just had to wave and then you would be controlling it.

I think all the crying on here isnt about wether Kinect works or not, its more about crying because some people are not happy about the possibility of Microsoft extending their sales lead over Sony.

Armyntt2851d ago

I hope that the future of gaming can realize that both casual and hardcore gaming can co-exist. The kink to this is that developers realize quick, cheap made shovelware is profitable vs 50 million dollar budgets and leave the hardcore on the backburner and have only a handful of games for us every few years.

mrcash2851d ago

just turn to the pc bro.

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zeddy2851d ago

i will be so happy if it fails, it would be the best day in my fanboy career.

karl2851d ago

i would be happy for the gaming community
it would be a victory for the hardcore gamers...

both on sony and MS side...

pray this thing fails xbots.. or u are all doom to play halo party forever

Bigpappy2851d ago

No need to bring all the grama just to say you hope it fails. I respect that.

JetLyfe4202851d ago

hahaha seriously... just because a bunch of retards are gunna buy this does not mean that it is any good

Blacktric2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

I'm sorry but when I said no, I didn't mean that "only retards are buying it". It's just impossible for it to sold out if they really produced around 10 million Kinect units (the number was in one of the recent news). It's just impossible. Yes it's a nice gadget and Add On and it certainly will appeal to the casual crowd. But there's one huge problem; it's 150 dollars price tag. It's just too much for most casual gamers out there. I don't mean to hurt anybody but, to me, this is clearly an advertisement made by Microsoft. It might sell, like a million units in the first week. But I doubt that around 10 million people already preordered.

tinybigman2851d ago

yea imma go with NO. i'll not be falling for the hype when i buy a product i'd like it to work, and work correctly. besides shovelware NO thank you. i did't buy it on the Wii, i sure as shit didn't buy it on PS3, and i'm not about to start on my 360.

so too you M$ i flip you the bird and tell you to shove this camera up your you know what.

tinybigman2851d ago

Disagreers are telling me I should waste my hard earned money on a useless camera, and shovelware games.

You worshippers are a sad lot

avengers19782851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

The question really becomes how many are sold to exsisting 360 consumers, and how many to new ones.
They are really going after people that don't have a 360 already

Qui-Gon Jim2851d ago

So far it's been the standalone kinect unit that has been selling, meaning it's selling to existing 360 owners. The flip side of that is that the potential new owners are not the type of people who pre-order.

gigaware2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Oh come on no one said you have to buy kinect to enjoy the bloody FPS shooters and M rated games the 360 supposedly only has. I think when you "type god help us" in your heart you mean please Kinect don't win over the huge amount of so called casual base and future possible fans. The like it or not mind set comes from media and gamers being sensitive on the behave of haters hating on it for no other reason other than concern for their console of choice.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Kinect haters need to make up their minds:

- If Kinect succeeds it's doom and gloom for the 360, the future of gaming and MS.

- If Kinect fails it's doom and gloom for the 360 and MS.

It's funny, Sony seem to be incorporating MOVE into more and more core titles. Basically merging casual and hardcore gamers into one. Nintendo style.

This is somehow a good thing.

On the other hand you have MS basically splitting it's userbase into hardcore and casual's. Relying heavily on standalone Kinect games.

This is somehow a bad thing.

You have past wii developers of shovelware making games for Move and numerous wii ports.

This will somehow equal more quality Move games in the future.

Then you have more original titles (more original titles as in built solely for Kinect hardware not direct wii ports) due to hardware differences which may mean less wii ports and more development time.

This somehow equals more shovelware.

My head is spinning. For record I won't be purchasing Move or Kinect, motion gaming doesn't interest me.

baker_boi2851d ago

Where are the Wii ports and shovelware for Move?

All I see so far is NMH, which isn't a "port" it's a full redone engine. Shit's on the 360 too, c'mon dude.

All the other games on move are Hardcore games with an option to use the Move. GOOD games, not "Wind the toilet paper real fast".

If you want something like that Sony gave you start the party. other than that you just gone have to settle with playin some good games.

Dread2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

good point its tipical sony fanatic double standard

the truth is that they just hate MS and need to come upt with tstupid theories all te time to bash it in new ways. Teh problem with that is that when you make so many stupid theories then they begin to contradict themselves and reality and their hatred begins to shine throught.

phatak2851d ago

KINECT WILL SELL LIKE CRAZY, whether u like it or not.

gman_moose2851d ago

"Oprah is on board…so is The Ellen Show. In fact, so many different celebrities from Ashley Tisdale to Justin Bieber are in the mix"

Of course they are on board... where do you think the 500 million is going? Once they have their paycheck, they won't touch the thing again. Well, maybe Oprah will... afterall it has like a dozen fitness games.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2851d ago

PS3 fanboys worried, what a suprise. Most people own a Wii so people are wanting somthing new. You can scream Eyetoy all you want but eye isn't a 3D camera with infrared sensors, full body, face and voice recognition with multiple users. <---Eye can't do that.

Qui-Gon Jim2851d ago

The Eye could do most of that with software if Sony chose to release it, but you're right that, with its 3D capabilities, Kinect can do things the Eye can't.

baker_boi2851d ago

Eyetoy has been ableto do face, voice, and full body recognition.

Kinect itself can hardly pull it off with 2 people if the game has any actual game play.

As in you dont just stand up and tilt side to side or sit down and move your hand.

So you got yourself a moot point there.

mookuns2851d ago

PS3 fans are worried over a motion controller.
...Wow. /s

So everyone who dares speak down about Kinect is a PS3 fan and they hate all things that are Kinect?

Be honest Jason, are you going to buy this that you're vigorously defending it?

demonddel2851d ago

remember agent86 you have the option of not buying

N4Great2851d ago Show
Qui-Gon Jim2851d ago should probably blame the Wii, because Kinect is the second one to show up at that party.

vhero2851d ago

How can something not released sell out?? Oh wait it can't! Pointless article that proves nothing lets wait for actual sales eh? The sad thing is most the people buying this are hardcore gamers and they will hate it but they somehow feel the need to support MS.

hoops2851d ago

And no this for sure?

PopEmUp2851d ago

Now we all know that M$ from now on making garbage games, and Sony on the other making AAA games for real gamers to enjoy, it put a better option for me to buy games :)

EvilBlackCat2851d ago

holy shit this site makes soap opera look like a teletubbies show

cliffbo2851d ago

i totally agree Agent and i'm also worried that the MOVE could encourage a dumbing down too. i think it's less likely because the MOVE can be used for standard games as well as MOVE only games, but the threat is still there

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leonlion2851d ago

we'll all be playing lady gaga games featuring beyonce

cgmike2851d ago

if you're happy or complaining, LOL!

Rumor2851d ago

Illuminati kinect games thank you very much

shutupandplay2851d ago

Kinect is about to shake the gaming industry to it`s core. Expect it to SKYROCKET the 360 sales. The 360 will have a Wii-like sales effect once Kinect hits, and it`s going to leave everything else in the dust.

NewsForMe2851d ago

Yep, a new gimmick for people to slop up.

sdtarm2851d ago


i love ur trollin.. is so stpid and full of nonsenses that u dont even have to highligh the flaws to others... they r simply EVERYWHERE

jizzyjones2851d ago

Im giving it 1-3 months before its clogging up ebay.

ChozenWoan2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

I give it 1-3 days after Christmas.

acedoh2851d ago

Kinect advertisements. Whereas the Move commercials are on just about all the time. So I heard the 500 million marketing budget but where are the ad's. It will be interesting the see how the Kinect does. Success does not prove a good product. It's rather funny that there haven't been extensive demos or tests of this product so close to launch. Does anyone find this a little questionable? It may impress some and I am sure many 360 owners will get one. Although I can almost guarantee that most of those core 360 owners will grow tired of it very quickly.

Millah2851d ago

You've gotta watch the right channels. I've seen plenty of Kinect ads the past few days. And they're all on family type channels, MS is really targeting the ads to Mom and kids. Hell, they had it on Oprah and Ellen. All the ads I've seen were on ABC, NBC, basically all the primetime networks. Though I've barely seen any ads on teen/young male oriented channels, like MTV or Cmdy Central.

So thats proof of who MS is targeting with this hyped up crap. Because thats all it is, HYPE.

Motorola2851d ago

Saw em on nickelodeon and adult swim. at night though...during the day those channels are CRAPOLA

Qui-Gon Jim2851d ago

If you advertise before the product is released, it just confuses some people. Especially when day one allocations are expected to be sold out with pre-orders.

KratosGod32851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

I think you are sick man; you need to go to the doctor or maybe the Psychiatric.
Or maybe you are a deep deep dreamer

AKA2282851d ago

Shutupandplay... I would think with a screen name like that you are a core gamer, well you can say good by to core gaming on 360 if Kinect blows up. Why would a developer spend 15-20 million developing core games that may sell 2-5 million copies when they can develop Kinect shovelware for 1 million or less and have it sell 20 million plus copies? Yep, bothing but a shovelware system.
I personally hope Kinect does blow up, then all the kiddies and immature teens will flock to Kinect and 360, then ps3 and PSN will become the one and only hardcore system for real gamers. Can't wait

xXxSeTTriPxXx2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

i don't want it to fail,because it would be a great gaming platfrom.i want it to fail because shit like this is the death of hard core gaming as a whole. @AKA228 couldn't have said it better.why risk spending tens of millions of dollars pushing a console to it's limits, in terms of innovation and creativity and only sell 3-5million units,when you can spend 1million or less on shovelware and make HUGE profits?.....THE ADERVERTISING OF MICROSOFT IS TELLING YOU (TO YOUR CORE FACES)what direction they want to go with kinect.and by you 360 owners being on this site tells me your a core gamer and love to game.i don't think this is for you, it's not your type of gaming nd yet ya'll blindly cheer this crap on likes it's going to benifit your taste in all hated wii, for the same reason but praise M$ FOR THE SAME THING.i just hope sony doesn't give in to the casual crowd.because it's the last beccon of hope for gamers like us.

PopEmUp2851d ago

I feel sorry for you cause what moron want the casual shoveware to overtake hardcore games. Fucking Idiot

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NewsForMe2851d ago

Marketing is a powerful force. Are going people to like Kinect? Regardless of that answer it will be a major success thanks to marketing.

Anon19742851d ago ShowReplies(1)
El-Fenemeno12132851d ago

Marketing that's why, THey got oprah and ellen to show it off. For some reason people fall for this shit.