GamersCast: Kinect Adventures to Come With More Than Just Adventures

Adam Shear of GamersCast Podcast has the exclusive news that there will be more content on the Kinect Adventures disc than just the actual game. More information in the article.

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Hades13372522d ago

Nice that you get the chance to try a few different experiences.

Bigpappy2522d ago

I am hoping they have demo's for every game on XBL.

gigaware2521d ago

I was wondering myself how they would essentially deploy two differently console type of demos for the 360. I did not get in the XBL fall update beta. Is there a different channel for section for Kinect and if so will the complete update be slightly different from the beta in the end?

xg-ei8ht2522d ago

What is wrong with you people, snap out of the marketing BS.

9/11 was an inside job
Man has never been to the moon

If it's a big enough event and everyone's paid, they'll get you to believe anything.

gamingdroid2521d ago

Please put on your tinfoil hats!

Elvfam5112521d ago

Tinfoil hat is on Oh Yeahhhhhh

DXM12521d ago

You are by any standards a fool, but ill forgive you because i can see 1 nipple in your avatar.

hoops2521d ago

You actually believe all that? LOL
Good thing your avatar is pleasing

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