M2G Review: The Shoot

M2G Writes:

The Shoot is a decent attempt at an on-the-rails shooter for PlayStation Move, it may be short, however at least you will come back to this one now and again. There is no doubt the second wave of PlayStation Move titles will be a lot stronger, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for something fun to use with your new toy, then you could do worse than The Shoot.

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BeOneWithTheGun2819d ago

I just pass on all this "flail around" stuff. I'm not rich. I come home from work and want to recline in my chair, feet up and hands rested in lap firmly gripping my controller. Kid has the Wii and save the resident evil game I played, I just don't like it. I can game for hours at a time. Holding your hand up gets really tiring, lol.

To each their own, though.