Dylan Jobe breaks radio silence; new LightBox Interactive project coming along well

Paul writes, "The man behind Warhawk on the PlayStation 3 has been hard at work with his new company LightBox Interactive on a game he and Sony have yet to announce. The title is expected to be a sequel to Warhawk or an entirely new IP. Having not spoken to the world publicly since August 18, Dylan Jobe now speaks on why his game wasn't at E3, Tokyo Games Show 2010, and not being revealed yet in general."

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Hitman07692732d ago

It's about time somebody speaks on this.

Red_Orange_Juice2732d ago

so it's PS3 exclusive, now we're talking

Bobbykotickrulesz2732d ago

Warhawk was unique and badass.

Make another or bust.

Hayabusaman2732d ago

Indeed it is my friend xbox shall suffer yet another blow :)

morganfell2732d ago

Just one more hammer Sony is swinging in 2011.

BkaY2732d ago

those tweets are like 2 or 3 weeks old...


Hitman07692732d ago

8:11 PM Oct 27th via web

2 or 3 weeks? I think not.

And I'm not your mate buddy.

Your profile has nothing but negative comments, get a life.

BkaY2732d ago

i mixed it up with other tweets....

"And I'm not your mate buddy."

its an expression for "buddy" in Australia..

"Your profile has nothing but negative comments, get a life."

did you even read the comment i was replying to ... ?

and let me tell you one thing.. i have better life than you.. trust me...


vhero2732d ago

"And I am *so* thankful that SONY is giving us the time we need to make it really wicked -- and it will all be worth it! Your patience is much appreciated!!! :^)"

Enough said..

Nitrowolf22732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

wow been forever since we last heard from him, usually he posting on PS Forums or PS Blog about stuff, then he went quite for a long time.

Show us Starhawk or something along the line of Warhawk.

Hayabusaman2732d ago

Man this is going to be an epic game for the hard core warhawk fans and anyone who isn't afraid to get pwned!!

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

HELL YEAH !!! can't wait for STARHAWK announcement

dkblackhawk502732d ago

Boo ya :D and its not a dup...failure.

meiamsome2732d ago

I seriously hope this is Starhawk or let the epic facepalms commence!

MajestieBeast2732d ago

They have probably been working on this for 3 years so even if it isnt starhawk its bound to be good.

CrimsonFox132732d ago

It has to be Starhawk. Ignoring the fact Sony has trademarked the name and own the domain for, everyone's expecting it to be Starhawk, and they've never denied it. If it wasn't, and they let the hype for Starhawk grow, then they'll be disappointing a lot of people. And that can be dangerous for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.