Top 10 Video Games to Play on Halloween 2010

From the feature editorial:

"I wonder if there will ever come a year when Halloween takes a break and we get to relax? It certainly isn’t this year, so that means it’s time to break out the backlog and run through a few new and old games that will give you the chills, or possibly a few fits of laughter. If you are a horror buff, or even if you jump at the slightest scare, there is something in the list to fit all your wildest Halloween dreams. Follow me as I delve into the best (and some of the worst) games to play over the weekend."

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UltimaEnder2759d ago

One not on the list: Castlevania - still solid horror titles overall...

Commander_TK2758d ago

also go out, party with friends and start doing something else besides playing video games, especially when it's day off.

LaurenKB1232759d ago

Condemned 1 and Red Dead zombies are my two top choices!

Akagi2759d ago

I'll throw Manhunt in there. Frightened me a few times.

mmPete2759d ago

None....go party to shut-ins

DirtyLary2758d ago

I'll be downloading these soon.

Hopefully it has the scares like DEAD SPACE it throwing at me.

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