Modern Warfare 2 Nuke In Less Than 33 Seconds

Can you actually activate a nuke in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer in about half a minute? There's been debate about that and admissions of fakery. But this video, newly re-posted to YouTube shows a purportedly legit 32-second nuke.

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ClownBelt2733d ago

I gotta say that noobtube at the beginning was super lucky...He got 7 kills in 1 shot

ReservoirDog3162733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Those poor souls on the other team looking for a clean fun game...

edit: @ below

Haha, exactly!

HolyOrangeCows2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Noobtube, airstrike, noobtube, helicopter.

MW2 fails. Seriously. He's able to spawncamp the team from the other side of the map. Garbage, nonsense, crap.


A guy goes 103-3 half way through a game of Domination using the same class as the retard in this Nuke video.

FishCake9T42733d ago

You cant have a fun game when you have one of these try hards on the other team. Some of these gamers on youtube need to get a life. The guy who owns this video looks like a paedophile.

Red_Orange_Juice2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

that's why I don't play this game

Hayabusa 1172732d ago

It's not luck, because he got 7 kills with the noobtube TWICE in a row, and you can't call it unfair because how many people have you seen use this tatic in an a game you've played?

Either it's a setup or the player has practiced this scenerio over and over again and got a good run on this one. You don't have to winge just because you don't have the same level of dedication although having said that, there are other elements of MW2's gameplay that piss me off (commando).

irepbtown2732d ago

You think this is bad?

COD4, try and play hardcore. Some noob has overkill (2 Primary weapons for those who dont play cod4) with Grenade launcher on both assault rifles. That = death at the beginning + that noob having more granade bullet.

People it is an impressive record, i guarantee no-one has even gone close.

Remember - Dont hate the player, Hate the game.

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DORMIN2733d ago

I feel sorry for the 7 people at the very beginning of the match. Come home after a long day of working, boot up MW2, get killed 5 seconds into a match because of nade launch from across the map. Respawn.

Killed by chopper gunner


Killed by chopper gunner



Match over GG

visualb2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

it would have gone like this:

Killed by chopper gunner
Killed by chopper gunner
Match over
Get up, open disk tray
Take out disk, put in case,
leave house with disk, walk to gamestop
trade in for BF:BC2 / anything else.

this video is PROOF that MW2 is fundamentally broken

karl2733d ago

that gunship.. overpowered much?

eliasg2733d ago

bb activision , lol!!

-Alpha2733d ago

As broken as the game is, the team were full of idiots.

Only once did I see someone attempt to shoot the chopper down.

As soon as a KS comes up me and my friends switch to our Anti-Air class (Sleight of Hand, Cold-Blooded, and Ninja), switch to our stingers, and knock the sucker out of the sky. We then try our best to look for that last guy.

People simply don't know how to play, and the complaints of KS's can easily be overcome if it wasn't for stupid teammates.

The noobtubing at the beginning is why MW2 is so broken. There is no escaping that. Luckily in BO they are disabled for the first ~10 seconds.

Hideo_Kojima2733d ago

If I was in that game...

Killed by Noob Tube
Chopper Gunner goes up...
Change to special anti chopper class straight away
Die by Copper gunner...
Lock on copper gunner...
Boom gunner goes down at around 15 kill streak.

elmaton982732d ago

That what we do as soon as a harrier or chopper appear we take it down and from what I heard and read you gonna have to kill people to get some instead of relying on your planes to get killstreak which is good now you'll need skills to be the best

SkylineR2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )


Totally agree. Only n00bs don't know how to play and instead complain. If you see any type of KS aircraft you immediately shoot it down. If you don't have a class ready for that then that shows even more you're a n00b at the game. Heck, even AC-130s are able to be taken out.
Learn to play before you complain.

Hideo_Kojima2732d ago

When I prestiged up until I reunlocked cold blooded it was the worst gaming experience of my life :P

I a lot of those levels wouldn't actually have unlocked cold blooded yet and like someone said this seems fake because how the hell did he find that many non prestiged low levels this late after the release?

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ZombieNinjaPanda2733d ago

Nukes aren't even legit in this game. He got 10 some kills with a chopper gunner. No work done himself.

visualb2733d ago

not much to be proud of in his life then =|

this is pathetic. 7 people by randomly aiming at the sky.

broken game, im so glad i didn't invest time or money in this POS

CrzyFooL2732d ago

Its actually not random, people practice where to aim at the sky. It takes a sad amount of practice.

irepbtown2732d ago


Only for the first people. The rest learn of the first. I dont know where to aim to kill people across the map.

Anorexorcist2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Nothing has ever made me laugh more than this nerd in the video saying "This is one of my proudest...if not the most pride I've got in my call of duty career"

Sound a bit nerdy? NAAAAAAW, not at all! When does a noob hobby become a career path?

gman_moose2733d ago

They were all non-prestige low levels. This is fixed. No question about it. The game has been out long enough that there is no way you get into a match with this many noob players. Only one other player on his team was prestige, and the only 3 that showed for the other team were first playthrough, highest rank 40. If he's proud of setting up a match to get a quick nuke, that is truly pathetic. Look at 1:50 of the vid. Nuff said. What a loser.

blumatt2733d ago

I think the nuke should have been like 40 kills or something because people seem to get it way too often.

zeddy2733d ago

its probably fake, some twat on machinima did this too and later admited it was fake.

Dsnyder2733d ago

Fuck this Noob Toobing fucking asshole. They need to remove the noob toobs in black ops.

simplyRealistic182732d ago

but yet noob tube is still in black ops tho, lol,

on topic, One Man Army is really a bitch to play against, because they just use that same noobtube setup with danger close and camp around a area

Redlogic2732d ago

I couldn't stand this game after a couple weeks. If you can get that many kills without actually having to fire your gun AT someone in your sights then the game is pointless. Where is the skill? I'd rather do the killing then let the CPU do it for me with killstreaks

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BeOneWithTheGun2733d ago

but still pretty impressive if it was real. I'm not to sure about that 7 kill blind noob tube from the spawn at the beginning, though. He had to have his buddies on the other team just stand there.

At the end you see hardly anyone else has kills. Something fishy. I say rigged.

SixZeroFour2733d ago

yea, i mean i havent played a mw2 match, but i have played cod4 and i know the players arent my 8 or so months of playing cod4, i havent played a single match when 7 ppl actually tried to cap the first flag...3-5 ppl maybe, but never 7 but who knows, ppl in mw2 may actually be different

secondly, why didnt he start the timer when the match started, rather than the first kill? i say the nuke was achieved in 40 sec, still impressive, but also shows how badly the balance is in mw2

darren_poolies2733d ago


I think he started the timer when he got the first kill because that is the beginning of the killstreak. He could be running around for 4 minutes and then kill someone and get a nuke 30 seconds after that kill so would you say that is a nuke in 4.30 minutes or 30 seconds?

Rubberlegs2733d ago

Nothing fishy about it. Once he got the AC130 he was mowing everyone down before anyone one on his team could really get any kills and the other team couldn't do anything since the the map was Wasteland which has very little cover.
He got the nuke during the AC130, the count started right at the his 7 kill streak and stopped during his AC130 rampage. lol so cheap using the nubetube like that but funny to see, he just got lucky.

gman_moose2733d ago

Have you played the game?

coolbeans2733d ago

I would like to see the fastest tactical nuke w/ all kills coming only from bullets + knifing (no attachments, grenades, no use of perks). That would be impressive.

simplymigs2733d ago

I would like to see the fastest nuke with a riot shield

Redempteur2733d ago

well this vid is the perfect example why i don't play MW2 ...

Akagi2733d ago

This. The Nuke is something that is supposed to rarely happen. 33 seconds? Pffff.

westy5522733d ago

Its pretty easy when players have hacks on, I know this because I know how to have them on in games, such as aim bot, one shot kills, care packages that deliver only chopper gunners or ac 130's. MW2 has become a joke because so many games in demolition have hacks on.

PopEmUp2732d ago

what a garbage game, this game should be put into the dumpster

irepbtown2732d ago

I dont know about you. But every person i've played with who has hacked are sh*t.

Me and my friends played a clan with the lot (On cod4), Aimbot, one shot kill etc. And we demolished them. Not just that time, many others.

It seems crap people are turning to those methods. I only play private hacked matches for some fun (Super jump and super speed are the best lol)

nation1202733d ago

amazing how the enemy team are perfectly placed at BOTH times for the noob toob....fake..