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More Killzone 3 beta details - The games looking good so far,

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xg-ei8ht2851d ago

I'm still waiting for my code.

And waiting
And waiting

mikhail_tisoy2850d ago

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mrcash2850d ago

I'm just waiting, for the game to come out, so I can play my ps3 again. Maybe I'll go back to Killzone 2.

Close_Second2850d ago

...but its all but dead in my part of the world. If I'm willing to put up with lag I can join games from the US or EU but fighting the lag ruins the experience.

I gave up playing because it seemed like every second game was on the Academy map where the game was reduced to nothing more than a spawn killing spree. Such a shame as K2 is easily the best multiplayer I had ever played on a console. You actually needed real skill to play and not just be a camping sniper.

GamingGamer2850d ago

but you are right... its only clans playing, so one team end up pushing the other team all the way to their spawning location and get spawn kills there.

vamp1012850d ago

I know what you mean, Radec academy spawn campers + Rocket noobs, i hate it, but theyve fixed that in KZ3, the tactician can only capture tacticle spawn areas now instead of placing spawn points wherever

BloodyNapkin2850d ago

This was the biggest grip i had with KZ2 was the spawn camping. I quit playing the game a couple weeks after it came out cause of this, i would have picked it back up if they would have fixed it some way in a patch but never did and i never played it again.

From the videos i have seen of the KZ3 beta it looks much like the same. And if they do not get it fixed i will not be purchasing it.

mrcash2850d ago

Those two games are way too different to really compare, they are both good in their own right. I find halo to be more fun there's more variety, killzone has a more serious feel to it.

BloodyNapkin2850d ago

Mikhail fell asleep at his keyboard again.....Shhhhhhhh, just let him sleep.

cooperdnizzle2850d ago

Damn i am still waiting for my beta code! I think gorilla has really stepped it up! I can't wait for this one to come out!