EB Games offers new Wii pre-order bundles

EB Games this month began offering new bundles for Nintendo Co.'s Wii home video game system to online customers for shipment in early Sept. currently features three new Wii bundles for pre-order, the Nintendo Wii Play Bundle, Nintendo Wii Mario Bundle, and the Nintendo Wii Big Bundle.

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unsunghero284127d ago

But even if I didn't, as great as SPM is, the best possible game to bundle with Wii is MP3 because it is a made-for-Wii title and, oh yeah, the controls, graphics, and just about everything else is amazing.

It is a perfect demonstration of "gameplay over graphics," and just shows that all these little hip phrases and buzzwords Nintendo has been feeding us aren't complete BS.

LKane4127d ago

Not even 10% off.

I just hate Ebgames :\