Game North - Canadian Gaming Still on the Rise

From the article:

"If you ask any of us why GameNorth exists, we’ll tell you that part of the reason is that the Canadian gaming industry doesn’t get enough cred. We don’t have any hard numbers to prove it, of course, but we know it’s true! Fortunately, organizations like the Entertainment Software Association of Canada do have the numbers, and in 2009, the Canadian gaming industry made over $2 billion in retail sales of software and hardware. And that’s just retail. Furthermore, the industry in Canada is expected to grow by 29% annually over the next few years. It doesn’t take an economics major to understand that number is huge."

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ironwolf7772846d ago

In Canada none of our 360's get the RROD.
It's because of our igloos.

metsgaming2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

it 360s that are causing global warming, soon those igloos will be melted unfortunatly

tunaks12846d ago

video only metions vancouver and montreal, anyone who wanted to know info already knows about the oppurtunaties there, why not mention indie scene and studios in ontario?

Heart1lly2846d ago

Good suggestion, especially since there are plenty of 'em in Ontario that could use the recognition.

Pandamobile2846d ago

As game development student in Ontario, I second that.

Heart1lly2846d ago

Very cool! :) Well then, now I know what we can feature in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.