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Rebecca Quintana writes:

In honor of Halloween, the Staff here at Spawn Kill have gathered ’round the pumpkin to pick our favorite scary and horror games. While some of our picks may be expected, you might find a few treats you didn’t see coming on our list. Join us at the site and be sure to leave your picks in the comments!

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Heart1lly2821d ago

Awesome pics, everyone!

K-Tuck2821d ago

Yeah, they are some sexy people.

Snarkasaur2821d ago

I would do every one of them. Hard.

ShadowPraxis2821d ago

Some good picks in there. Fatal Frame was high on my list too, Eternal Darkness was definitely innovative and Rule of Rose I was excited for, picked up, but then promptly didn't play more than an hour of. I need to go back to it at some point.

theherp802821d ago

Don't tplay much from the genre but I def would go with dead space

dirthurts2821d ago

This game is great. Nothing else like it.
Sure there are some great oldies, but when you go back they just aren't scary anymore.

TroyAndAbed2821d ago

Honestly, Fatal Frame can still scare the crap out of anyone.

Amnesia is phenomenal, but I still give it to Fatal Frame.

TroyAndAbed2821d ago

I'm not looking at the article, simply because you used The Final Dstination as the pic.

That movie was terrible!

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