NPD Blackout: September's Hidden Numbers Revealed

The NPD's blackout on publicizing sales obscures September's full results. Overall sales remain sluggish. Despite NPD's self-imposed blackout, there's still full analysis from John Lucas.

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MultiConsoleGamer2635d ago

The whole "sales number culture" is dead.

Aquanox2635d ago

Halo owned Move on September.

November will be ... well... a massacre.

Parapraxis2635d ago

I find it rather amusing that the "sales number culture" is immediately declared dead when the PS3 is on par with the 360.

Up until now it was alive and well....odd huh?

mint royale2635d ago

No the sales culture is dead because the most accurate figures available have gone. Not everything has an agenda against Sony and the PS3.

Sweeper_2635d ago

I think you will find a lot of PS3 fans wanking all over that PS3 quarter figure news that was here a while ago.Its funny cause i thought those guys didnt care about sales at least thats what us "Bots" have been hearing for years now.
At the end of the day you guys are still in last place.Until you beat us in second place you have no credibility :)
Im still waiting for my 1200 dollars from Jack tretton

PirateThom2635d ago

This "you" vs "us" mentality is very childish.

Maybe "you" should play some games.

Mahr2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

"Up until now it was alive and well....odd huh?"

Up until now we received monthly sales numbers from a fairly-reliable source.

Not that it matters, because now we will just talk about sales numbers that we get from entirely-unreliable sources.

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blackburn52635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

It's not dead yet. People still count sales as quality. But it should die. So many games get under appreciated because they didn't sell 3 plus million units at launch. @ Parapraxis not sure what you are taking about. The Xbox generation started the whole 'sales over quality' nonsense. It never mattered before. It should never have mattered. I personally couldn't care less how much a game sells as long as I enjoy it e.g. Condemned 2, Okami, God Hand, Psychonauts, MS2,Viewtiful Joe. All underappreciated masterpieces.

drsnobby2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

but sales are the life blood of the industry.if games dont sell,the industry will die.quality is a good thing but the masses dictate how the industry flows.does casuals come to mind?

DaTruth2635d ago

What is this number? Since when does NPD round off sales estimates to the nearest one? This came from Aaron Greenturd and I have to call bull just on that fact alone!

He could never get an estimate of 483,989 from NPD!

Weaksauce11382635d ago

Were you expecting the sale of a 2/16ths console? Of course its to the whole number.

PirateThom2635d ago

That would be a first for NPD, it's an estimate so it's usually to the nearest thousand.

blackburn52635d ago

Parapraxis I apologise I thought it was a negative comment towards the PS3 but I realise it wasn't. But I still agree sales over quality is a crappy belief. @ drsnobby no one ever said sales weren't important too but it shouldn't be as great an importance to us. Look at the list I have in my previous post. All those games got great scores and weee solid games. Did their low sales change that fact? No. Now because of the sales counting everyone does high quality gamws are being shunned becausd they don't sell as much as some glitchy, cookie cutter garbage that developers crap out every year. They sacrifice quality and innovation for tedium, poor design and carelessness just to save some money by copying and pasting the same game over and over again. Sales do count but not to the point where it has gotten so bad that developers don't even bother to make a good game because they know you will buy it no matter what

drsnobby2635d ago

must buy games.the sleeper of the year for me is enslaved,a game that should be in every gamers collection.bubbles to you for a kind hearted debate

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