Another Look at Gran Turismo 5’s Cote d’Azur + More Screenshots


Via their official blog, Red Bull offers up three additional screenshots of the new X1 Prototype, one of which provides us a nice view of GT5’s Monaco F1 circuit (or, more precisely, “Cote d’Azur”).

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velocitygamer2819d ago ShowReplies(2)
josephayal2819d ago

DEF the best racing game ive ever seen, by far

EvilBlackCat2818d ago

aaaaaaaaaaawwwwww to bad its not a real sim

velocitygamer2818d ago

Too bad you're a troll. Gtfo EvilBlackPussy....

ShinMaster2817d ago

Awwwww too bad Forza and PC sims aren't "real" sims either.

Ilikegames762817d ago

EBC message me that he's offended because I was hoping MS don't forget the core gamer by going after the casual. He's always trolling the PS3 thread makes me wonder what his agenda really is.

Abazigal2819d ago

I really hope it is gonna be the best racing game I've ever seen but if it has no (or lame) damage model I am gonna stick to need for speed for this year too... Simulation with no damage... even my grandma would call it 80% sim 20% arcade

shazui1232819d ago

Oh dw GT5 has veryy good damage. It's pretty unique actually - real time deformation hasn't been done on many big racing games in the last few years and it looks fantastic in GT5 so far.

nefertis2819d ago

Damn gt5 went from looking cool too looking exotic.

cygnuszero22819d ago

Yay more picture mode screenshots when the gameplay itself doesnt look nearly that good. This game is such a fraud. Only 20% of the cars are done, what have they been working on for the last 4 years? Nascar and mario kart? Great, how about finishing the rest of the cars maybe?

killzowner2819d ago

Those 250 cars are to a standard unmatched by any game out there or set to come out soon. The other 800 cars havent been untouched - they have been reworked in terms of textures, have working headlamps and reverse lights, have one of the industrys best physics engines governing them and can accumulate water, snow or dirt. That and a track editor, day/night cycle, weather cycle and much more that make it the best racer of this or any generation is what theyve been working on.
P.S the gameplay looks better than any other racer on any other platform. End of.

Hoje03082819d ago

"Yay more picture mode screenshots when the gameplay itself doesnt look nearly that good." - cygnuszero2

Hoje03082818d ago

Real life just got owned.

cygnuszero22818d ago

So that gameplay doesnt look like every other modern racer out there to you? Interesting.

Hoje03082818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )


No, it looks much, much better than anything else on consoles. If you really want I'll pull up videos of other racers to prove it. The cockpit vids from Forza 3 should provide a bit of a laugh for the rest of us. Maybe not you though, I hear trolls have trouble with humor.

shazui1232818d ago

@ cygnuszero
LMAO! oh please, please name one racing game - on any platform - not just consoles, that looks better than GT5. I'm sorry but 500,000 polygon cars in game versus Dirt 2's (the PCs best looking racer) 280,000 on maximum settings. The level of detail in GT5 is insane, nothing can compare to it at the moment

killzowner2818d ago

@ hoje: why restrict it to just consoles? GT5 is the best looking racer on any platform period. Not one racing game even on PC can compare to the level of detail in each car in GT5 and to think that's at 1080p @ 60fps with 16 cars on track with weather effects such as droplets on car bodies affected by G forces, spray being kicked up by all 16 cars, puddles of water accumulating on the track and the air pressure and humidity affecting the cars performance.. its perfectionism.

STONEY42818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

"I'm sorry but 500,000 polygon cars in game versus Dirt 2's (the PCs best looking racer) 280,000 on maximum settings"

Yeah, Dirt 2s car models are crappy compared to GT5. The PCs advantages do come out in the environments and tracks though, which are massive and really detailed. Even the interior view looks good, but the moment you see a close up of the exterior of the car... *covers eyes*

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