Gran Turismo 5 – Top Gear Test Track Gameplay

A new gameplay video of Gran Turismo 5 has just popped up on YouTube showing the Ferrari Enzo tearing 'round the Top Gear test track. You can see that Polyphony Digital have taken great care in making sure that all the detail of the real world track is wonderfully recreated in stunning detail in-game.

Have a watch below:

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wazzim2669d ago

Can't even wait till the new release date reveal, let alone the game.

MultiConsoleGamer2669d ago

This is the simulation racing game of forever!

AtatakaiSamurai2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

indeed. i see a lot of people (haters) who comment about gt and the more the write the more i see they have never even played a gt game before but pretend to know about the game cause of games like pgr or forza

like i read stuff like;

"i dont like sims" - when gt has alwas have arcade mode

"finally they have F1" - when gt has always have F1 cars and racing

"can you tune your cars IN THIS ONE?" - this one kills me. gt is ALL tuning and graphics. thats all its ever been from the start.

i just think ms has messed so many peoples minds up when it comes to gaming or the history of gaming. its sad really.

mint royale2669d ago

Wow thats quite off topic. Good vid, shit driver.

ExplosionSauce2669d ago

GT always had arcade mode, but the physics were still the same. I think you're confusing "Arcade Mode" with "arcade physics".

Well now in GT5 you can dumb the physics down with the "standard" setting. Which I think is closer to GTPSP physics.

mint royale2669d ago

Finally GT5 has F1?

Doe sit actuall have all 24 cars? If it does then I didn't realise and it will be the greatest game of all time possibly. But having 1 or so cars ISN'T having F1 racing.

ExplosionSauce2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Well if you put an entire grid of F1 cars in a race track and they.... race. Then yes :)
That is F1 racing.

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ryan_s2669d ago

i think heared jeremy clarkson commentary at the back

deltaforce822669d ago

I'd buy this game for the Top Gear track alone

demonddel2669d ago

that cant be a videogame that was real life and they edit it to make it look like a game

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