I’d Buy That For a Dollar (10/29/10)

"Angry Birds Halloween, Zombie Snake, and Pro Zombie Soccer, all vying for your dollar" - William Haley

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arctic002794d ago

Even for a dollar, Zombie Snake is not worth the price.

jawdroppuh2794d ago

Angry Birds got my dollar, and is well worth IMO

Chronorayven2794d ago

This will help people choose whether to get a certain game or not ...

RogueCheddar2794d ago

I can't believe how popular Angry Birds is! It's not that great, everyone!

BYE2793d ago

Yep, it's overhyped garbage.

Basically just a cheap ripoff of Pain from PSN, just much less polished and in 2D.

alee2794d ago

Since the review describes Angry Birds Halloween as basically more levels for Angry Birds, perhaps it should link the a review of Angry Birds. I know the original Angry Birds is popular, but I don't know why. I mean, Plants vs. Zombies and Farmville are both popular, but I'm only interested in one of them.

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