Most Spooky yet Amazing Games to play this Halloween

Gamersmint: The Ghosts and Goblins at Gamersmint have prepared a list of spooky games to keep you company this Halloween. These might not be the best horror games out there and most of them are recent releases, however these will really make your Halloween all the more spookier and FUN!

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psb2846d ago

is the scariest game I have ever played but I fkking loved it!

Good list, all games are fun to play and that's what important

cyborg2846d ago

Costume Quest, am not much into horro stuff, they freak me up! >_>

Omega Archetype2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Good list, but they failed to include Demon's Souls. That game is scary, but not from horror tactics, but from atmosphere, audio/visuals etc. Only game that I have had a complete sense of dread from (from enemies, or being invaded etc.)

Dead Space is perfect for that list, great game and scary as hell!

Of course that's all IMO, feel free to agree or disagree with it.

prongs1232846d ago

Just looking at the screenshots makes me crazy. The concept is totally unique (no weapon wtf), with pure survival against the horror. It's certainly going to be one scary halloween this time :D.

SkyCrawler2846d ago

Noone should forget amnesia. Ironic isnt it XD

wenaldy2846d ago

Forbidden Siren series..