IncGamers: Duke Nukem Forever Hands-on preview

IncGamers recently had the chance to go hands-on with the now revived Duke Nukem title which sees the the return of everyone's favourite FPS hero.

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syrinx2522d ago

So pleased Duke is coming back, it was one franshise that should never taken this long to return.

Mista T2521d ago

can't wait for this, in the land of serious shooters, one arises! this game will be fun fun fun. This game will also make me laugh very hard :P

Elly2522d ago

Sounds like all the classic humour has been kept in which is great. Also nice to see it being aimed at the adult audience.

plb2521d ago

Hopefully the Duke doesn't disappoint. Haven't played a DK game in years.

Vegeta90002521d ago

Yet it's nothing like a Duke Nukem game at all. Leave it to Gearbox to ruin a franchise that's better off dead than in their hands.

Jacobite2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

How do you know, have you played it. I least would like to try a demo first before I comment, but I think this game will be good ,long live the King :)

Mista T2521d ago

holy poop you are stupid, do you really thnk 13 years of development time by 3d realms will be flushed down the toilet by Gearbox?! Ignorance at its finest, they are just polishing the graphics and making dure it's flawless for release day

Buffniceguy2521d ago

I can't wait for this game this and Mortal Kombat give me chills.