Let's Play Kirby's Epic Yarn

GoozerNation currently has 14 different videos of Kirby's Epic Yarn online. If you're wondering about this game and want to get a feel for it, this is the place to do it.

Video segments include: Fountain Gardens, how to Gold Medal in Rainbow Falls, the first boss fight with Fangora, Moles and Owls, Lava, Cool Dude, Roast Chicken, Puttin Out Flames, Delicious Fabrics, Magic Man, Contrast Much, a note to developers and Bailout.

More videos are added on a regular basis.

The videos come complete with voice over commentary.

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darkcharizard2845d ago

This game puts a smile on my face :)

JimmyJames702845d ago

Yeah, I might have to break down and get a Wii if games like this and that new Mickey Mouse doesn't come out for the 360.

Venox20082844d ago

you HAVE to get a wii.. so much good games are there incl. those :) and I have a feeling that Mickey wont come to X360.. and could be that it wont come to move either. it's a cheap, good console, there's so much to do with it (I mean in gaming).. Kororinpa 1&2, Muramasa, Boom blox, Red steel 2, warios, marios, Flip's twisted world, Disaster, Okami, madworld, Silent Hill:shattered memories, Fatal Frame IV and many many more + Gamecube support :) SO WHAT ARE YOU WaITIN' FOR???? :)

RyanDJ2843d ago

I've been planning articles around why the Wii deserves respect, and this is one of the top tier reasons why. This game is so sickeningly a good way. I love this game.