Supreme Court Set To Rule On Banning Violent Video Games

The Supreme Court is finally set to decide whether states can ban minors from buying violent video games. Oral argument for Arnold Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association is scheduled for Tuesday, November 2. This case involves a California law which prohibited minors from buying or renting graphically violent video games.

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hiredhelp2847d ago

does that inc banning the mothers buying them for the under aged kids. personally i say deal with knife crime first and drugs. these perthetic soo called gangs. that basicly kids.

as dundee said. "Thats not a knife THIS IS A KNIFE"

HolyOrangeCows2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

LOL Knife crime
Are they still trying to ban knives from having sharp edges in the UK?

I'll just have to make a business out of buying games for minors, lol.

irepbtown2847d ago

Are equally, if not, worse than games (My opinion). Films like SAW that are just pure torture are alot worse than a game like GTA.

RockmasteR2847d ago

I hope this will apply to the whole world!
GTA IV, Crysis, Dead Space, Dead Rising 2, etc... these games are not meant for kids, age restrictions are printed for a purpose!

Neckbear2847d ago

And they're there for SOMETHING. It's people's fault they don't pay attention to them.

Also, I played quite a few Mature games in my kid and teenager days- hell, it wasn't even THAT bad. "OH NO DERZ BLOOD, OH NO DEY TALKING SARCASTICALLY, THINK OF THE CHILDREN MOTHER OF GOD" is nothing but stupid bullshit.

Hell, the government is overstimating children. ALOT of kids are actually CAPABLE of knowing WHAT'S WRONG AND WHAT'S RIGHT. Hell, HAVE WE FORGOTTEN that we were kids, and how we acted and thought back then? We weren't little, pure angels, for one.

Banning is nothing that taking away a part of your freedom- just because the goverment overstimates you, and because they think parents aren't smart enough to know what their kid should do.

Monolith2847d ago

exactly, its all just a means to control. thats it

Eamon2847d ago

If I had children, I wouldn't let them touch GTA until they are at least 15.
Although, every child is different.

Neckbear, this isn't really taking away freedoms. It's because MOST kids ARE NOT capable of thinking for themselves they are putting an age limit. The same for voting. Imagine if they let kids vote. Wow.

Although, here in the UK, GTA age limit is 18 years. I think 16 is about right. The 2 years make no real difference in my opinion.

But in reality, the final decision should ultimately be left to parents since they know their children the best.

morganfell2847d ago

Look, it's the Hypocritinator. All those violent movies Arnie, shame shame.

bananlol2847d ago

The problem isnt kids playing violent video games, its the amount if time they spend with computers in general. Watching violent stuff isnt going to mess up the development of your brain, the stress and lack of sleep that comes from to much gaming will.

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Dan502847d ago

If games are classified as porn in America then they would get content censored from them to not be given an 18 and up rating by the government. This would make developers tone their games down and there will be ONE censored version. I can't see developers making a censored US version and an uncensored European/Canadian version. I know Germany gets censored games because of their censorship laws but the size of Germany is small compared to the US so that's why developers make censored games for that country. I can see America getting the same content censorship that Germany has if this passes.

Eamon2847d ago

Stop over dramatising. There are loads of amazing games out there that aren't too violent.

And this won't stop anything mainly because a parent can just buy the game for their kid if they want or a kid can just buy off the internet.

This ruling would simply make those retarded activists stfu for a while.

Ocelot5252847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

"There are loads of amazing games out there that aren't too violent"

but the pegi commitee are a bunch of nazis, look how they rate non-violent video-games:

FF13: 16+
uncharted: 16+
mototstorm: 12+

(dunno who rates the games in the USA but I heard they are also led by nazi/ultra-religious/delusiona l/no-life pricks )

bu bu think of the children, the children! if california really wants to protect their children they should ban Macdonalds, this is the real threat to the american youth: obesity.

Dac2u2847d ago

@Dan50: First off, this is only one state asking to make a law to prohibit the sale of adult rated games to children. Second, if you check the cinemas in the US, you'll see a fair share of violent, rated R movies where children under 17 aren't allowed without a parent. That sounds like the same thing we're seeing here.

Dan502847d ago

BUT ITS NOT A GOVERNMENT BACKED RATING!!! This law will strip video games of free speech and be the ONLY MEDIUM that is under government control.

Dac2u2847d ago

This is not restricting free speech at all, no matter how you try to spin it. If the state was forcing these companies to not make violent games, it would be an issue. Also, as long as the federal government has no authority over these laws(aside from enforcing them), it's not an issue for me. States have the right to make their own laws as long as they don't interfere with the Constitution.

For the record, I don't think the government needs to interfere here. I think the industry can and should control themselves by not selling M-17+ games to minors under 17. But, if a state passes a law you don't like, become active and help vote your gubernator out and someone else in.

As for your other response to me: "Thats not the law its a recommendation. Like the ESRB's ratings. The movie, game and CD warnings are NOT GOVERNMENT BASED!!!!! "
Whether it's a law or a recommendation isn't the point, the industry as a whole follows their set guidelines and prevents most minors from viewing 17+ material. You still see movies like Hostel making millions. So, it's not the end of the world for gaming.

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Lightsaber2847d ago

Isnt this kind of pointless ? We already having a rating system that doesnt allow lil kids to buy them. These kids just make their parents buy them anyways

phosphor1122847d ago

Anyone complaining about these bannings are obviously a kid themselves.

Cry me a river, and stop bitching about not being able to buy crap like Gears and Halo first day because your mommy wont get it for you.

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Terarmzar2847d ago

This is stupid, then ban violent movies and everything violent too if thats the case. The majority of games today are violent so they just need to get over it and stop crying about games being violent.
Ohh Boo Hoo my lil boy timmy was playing a violent video game that i bought him and did not look at the age restriction and why it was rated that.
I swear People cry about every damn thing now

BYAAHHH2847d ago

Known for ruling on Civil Rights, abortion,and now.... video games?

Eamon2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Misleading title. For a second I presumed they were banning violent video games for good.

But what I don't understand is that there are already age limits. Here in the UK, you can't buy GTA IV without showing identity of age.

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