Time Crisis: Razing Storm Review

A good review covering the differences in control methods between the GunCon 3 and PlayStation Move for the new Namco shooter, Razing Storm.

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Bass_fisherman2758d ago

Now this is the score that Time Crisis deserves not below 6.

blumatt2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Time Crisis is very fun with the Move. I bought two Moves and it was a great investment. I really want to get one of those gun peripherals for it. They seem to work from all the reviews I've read. As far as this review goes, I'd say it's spot-on. It's a wonderful implementation of the Move control system. I think reviewers are being far too harsh on the Move lineup so far. The sad thing is that when Kinect comes out, it will get great reviews. Bias can be a bitch.
Edit: For anyone thinking of getting a Move (or who already have), make sure you don't miss out on the game Tumble. (It's only like $15 on PSN.) It is a very good show of Move's differences and strengths that differentiate it from the WiiMote and Kinect. It's sooo damn precise; that really can't be stressed enough.

Seferoth752758d ago

They probably are not impressed because unlike some people, they have been playing games this way for 4 years now. Kinda hard to be impressed by something 4 years old.

It is funny you bring up bias while acting like Move is something completely new.

SoapShoes2758d ago

Wow... If you want to go there people have been playing games like this for over a decade!! Time Crisis has been out for a long long time and has used light guns since the beginning.

Sackdude2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Did you even read the review? Or you just looked at the score

Look at What he said about the gameplay and Replayability

and score were
8.5 for gameplay
9.5 for Replayability

if you care about scores so much.

N4Great2758d ago Show
jneul2758d ago

watch out your bubbles are being shot by our move controllers lolz, it really i sad to see you in here claiming move is wiimote clone even after every single review and person disagrees with you that actually owns move, it must hurt real bad to be so wrong.
finally id didn't know wii could do augmented reality,object modelling and virtual reality..

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the gun attachment is no good for time crisis as shield button is the move button so unless you have a abnormally long thumb it aint gonna work. but still brilliant game

SandRazor2758d ago

I love Time Crisis Razing Storm, its a really great Move game.
Reminds me of playing (ofcourse) Time Crisis and Virtua Cop at arcades.

blackburn52758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

And......... Seferoth75 arrives to troll once more . @ blumatt. I agree with you that Move is being harshly treated and underrrated and deserves better and I for one am going to buy it at any chance I get. But you don't have to compare it to Kinect. Don't sink to the level of the trolls and fanboys. We know Move is great and don't need Oprah, Justin Beber or Ellen to convince us otherwise. Just enjoy your games and ignore the sales counting and biased gaming media garbage that people spew out. And ignore obnoxious people like Seferoth75. Not worth the effort to respond to them. They crave attention and you are giving it to them.

Chromer2758d ago

On topic, I bought the game last night and it's pretty fun for what it is. I had some accuracy issues but that was mainly to how I had the camera offset because I was too lazy to get out of my chair. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.