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25 Scariest Video Games of All Time

"Over the past few weeks I have been writing articles about various scary video games. Some of them were very scary while others were less scary but could still be considered a fairly scary game. Today I bring you all of those and more in the list to end all lists. Most of these games will make you jump, and if you have a girl next to you could make that room in your lap a little less roomy. I would like to note that this list is not in any order from least scary to scariest, it’s merely a collection of the scariest video games ever made."

Cody @ VideoGameBlogger (BioShock, Dead Space, F.E.A.R., Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, manhunt, Nintendo DS, PC, PS3, PSP, Siren: Blood Curse, Wii, Xbox 360)
Tipsed by: codyodiodi

ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1582d ago
Manhunt is not scary.

Amnesia The Dark Descent or Penumbra Series are not in the list, is weird, because those games are the best when it comes to scary survival horror genre.
codyodiodi  +   1582d ago
They aren't games that I have really played personally or have looked into too much. Sorry that they aren't on there.

You can always add a comment on the website or bring it up in our message boards.

Thanks for your input though.
CrescentFang  +   1581d ago
At least you said something about not playing them, because you can't put them on the list if you have never personally experienced it, right?
Thanks for coming here and explaining why you didn't have them on the list :) You should go check the games out though
Darkstorn  +   1581d ago
They forgot about 'Amnesia - The Dark Descent' and 'Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.'
ct03  +   1581d ago
I totally agree. I'm currently playing Cthulhu, and it's pretty creepy indeed.

Amnesia is the only game ever that I have not been able to play myself. Am watching a playthrough on Youtube instead. Darn, this thing is scary.
RedDead  +   1581d ago
Sounds good I am installing it right now. Watching Exorcist directors cut right now :P Never saw the Dc version
Myst-Vearn  +   1581d ago
Fatal Frame is the scariest game I have played. Games like Dead Space and Silent Hill or other games featuring monsters and creepy creatures don't scare me at all, but ghosts always scare the **** out of me for some reason , and I don't really believe in their existence or anything.
cyberwaffles  +   1581d ago
yeah i know what you mean. demonic and other religious occultic themes are the only things that scare me.
RedDead  +   1581d ago
I don't believe in demons but I am very interested in supernatural storytelling and creatures, I like the fact that there's nothing you can do to them. Monsters can make you jump, ghosts can make you run away and back in to a corner terrified of where it might pop out
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Ducky  +   1581d ago
Looks like the list just about covers it. (Asside from Penumbra/Amnesia as already mentioned earlier)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl (a PC game) is also quite scary, although it isn't mainly intended as one. Venturing into labs X18 and X16 is an adventure I dread in every playthrough. =/

Though the idea of horror itself is subjective... I actually found F.E.A.R. to be hilarious. =x
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Pandamobile  +   1581d ago
Wow. Horrible list. No mention of Amnesia? Penumbra? Stalker? Metro 2033?
Ducky  +   1581d ago
Well, if you include Metro, then you might as well throw the two Half-Life games into the mix too.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1581d ago
Metro? Was more like action game.
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Xristo  +   1581d ago
Any new scary game list without Amnesia: The Dark Descent instantly loses credibility and auto-fails...IMHO
tigertron  +   1581d ago
Dead Space, Siren: Blood Curse and Silent Hill 2 scared the crap out of me!
spankipants  +   1581d ago
The Siren TV ad was enough to deter me from ever EVER playing the game... So freaky...

The Fatal Frame series also scared the bejesus out of me. I'm going to have nightmares just thinking about them.

Then again, I AM a big wuss...
morganfell  +   1581d ago
I had Siren playing here last night. Couldn't believe how many people had never heard of it. And it had quite a few of them feeling nervous.
Wolf873  +   1581d ago
Honorable mention....
Alone In The Dark Series. Good for its time (early games at least) just like early RE games. Again and again I find people ignoring the obvious grand-daddy of 3d survival horror. If RE games can be mentioned, so can AITD games.

Agree on Cthulhu and Amnesia. Check out Shadow of Comet (another Cthulhu myth based game), DOS game but still one heck of a creepy tale.
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GLoRyKnoT  +   1581d ago
Silent Hill 1-2-3 :o
Alvadr  +   1581d ago
What about Phantasmagoria. I used to love that game and it did freak me out at the time.
BYE  +   1581d ago
Minecraft is brillant. And yes it is scary, I don't care what anybody says.

The scare factor doesn't come from scary looking enemies, but from the fear of getting ambushed at any time and lose an inventory full of valuable items. Kinda like Demon's Souls.

Siren Blood Curse and The Suffering are also excellent. Not a lot of people know them, but if you love horror, give them a try.
BannedForNineYears  +   1581d ago
This is how a top ___ list should be made.
Made from the authors opinion, not from others.
If you haven't played the game, don't add it to the list.

Also, I'll second "Minecraft".
I was playing it last night......The sound of the skeletons shooting their bows can be scary. xD
Also, the Nether is supposedly scary.....Haven't gotten around to farming obsidian though.....
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Run_bare  +   1581d ago
They forgot a few things
If the 7th Guest is there, then the following is also need to be mention:

Phantasmagoria 1 and 2

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