IT ProPortal: Microsoft Kinect Selling For More Than £200 On Ebay

A surge in demand for the Microsoft Kinect motion controller has forced its price to up to £230 on Ebay and Amazon, a massive premium given that its suggested selling price is £130.

Microsoft has assured prospective buyers that it will make its best to provide retailers with enough stock to meet demand within the first week of launch.

There are currently two entries on Ebay from power sellers listing the Kinect for £230 and £190 respectively while Amazon sellers are selling the Kinect for as little as £202 with some charging as much as £300.

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rroded2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

seriously the price is a buy now option n no ones bidding sure saps are gonna try n flog it but is no ones buying. Kinects gonna flop so bad the ms games division is gonna shut down.

gigaware2696d ago

You ok? I see you posting nonsense in every Kinect article. How is it only news if somebody buys something listed much more than its original price?

zootang2696d ago

If you actually check they are going for less than retail. Yes selling for less than retail.

aviator1892696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Yes, but those aren't Kinects that are already in the hands of the sellers. Those Kinects are selling to be delivered on the delivery release date. The two Kinects mentioned in the post that are selling for a high price are Kinects that are immediately available for delivery.

This sort of trend happens with nearly every major release. For example, those few people who had Halo Reach in their hands and available for sale well before the release date were selling them for quite a high price because the buyers could get their hands on the product well before the release date.

However, the Kinects you are looking at that are selling for below or at the price of a regular Kinect are Kinects that are promised to be delivered ON release day, not before.

Parapraxis2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

The highest bid on an item when searching for keyword "kinect" on
"New Xbox 360 Slim 250GB Kinect Ready Free Shipping"
US $260.00
Does not actually come with Kinect.

The first bid on a listed item which actually IS Kinect:
US $170.00

To buy directly from MS:
" Kinect for Xbox 360 brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways with no controller required. Simply step in front of the sensor and Kinect recognizes you and responds to your gestures.
Price: $149.99"

Factor in tax and the HIGHEST selling Kinect which actually has bids on is on par with MSRP.

The demand is little to no more than average. These things are NOT fetching inflated prices on ebay.
Unlike the Wii and PS3 did at launch.


gamingdroid2696d ago


As of now demand is unsure, we will know once the product is released for a while. However, sales to casuals are slower, but steadier.

So far, all indication is that it will sell really well this holiday.

Parapraxis2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

True, demand as of now IS unsure. But like pretty much all consumer products there are plenty of reviews readily available for the consumer to decide whether or not the item is worth the investment...oh...wait

gamingdroid2696d ago

Yup, and yet pre-orders seems strong!

There are plenty of reports of pre-orders selling out, analysts saying positive reception and even market surveys are reporting positive consumer sentiment.

On top of that, you have been able to try it out since this summer and in fact most videos I have seen (amateur or pro) shows that big smile associated with engagement and fun!

But hey, you can listen to the reviews of a group of people that the device isn't targeting right now. After all what could go wrong by having a sports car enthusiast review a truck!?

hoops2696d ago

rroed you're in every single Kinect article. You planning on getting one...............

Imtey2696d ago

Why the hell would you wanna buy this,
It literally has NO GAMEZ

KMxRetro2695d ago

I think you mean that it figuratively has no games.

If it literally had no games, there would be no games available for it at all. When, in fact, there are 15+ titles scheduled for launch day.


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dangert122696d ago

guess theres alot of desperate idiots out there thats more then the xbox itself

Parapraxis2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

...and ZERO bids.

If I had a Kinect for review I could put it up on eBay for 1 000 000 dollars, but if there is not a single bid or # of units sold it means nothing.

dtrain212696d ago

Damn Sony fanboys are mad and love to troll in any Kinect article

MisterNiwa2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

You have to open your eyes to see the truth, stop dreaming.

Why would anyone here, seriously why would ANY gamer be satisfied when Kinect sells?

Kinect is only breaking the production of possible hardcore games, 500 million dollars for marketing is creating a huge userbase, but this userbase wouldn't effect our games at all, only break the process in doing them.

If Microsoft would've spent 500 million dollars into different game studios like Bungie, they would still have a top notch developer team and wouldn't degrade Rare to such a spot.

Rare is only working on Kinect games from now on, this means, the only way we will see games like Conker or Banjo Kazooie is through gimped casual games on Kinect, I am not saying that there won't be hardcore games, which are definetly coming from Grasshopper Entertainment and From Software, but I am saying that Microsoft screw up their Hardcore Lineup.

Well, seriously, Microsoft is a company that would care less if a hardcore gamer or a casual gamer buys the console, which we see with this act of marketing for Kinect, but Sony is providing the hardcore gamers a new way, introducing them the Nintendo Wii motion scheme but upgraded to an hardcore level that is being used in games that are delivering from the beginning and being implemented in many other games. But Microsoft isn't trying because they don't care, why would Sony implement Move into so many first party titles that are dedicated to hardcore gamers if they wouldn't care for hardcore gamers? It is because they care, as a company, which is pretty shocking since Companies mostly don't care for their consumers as long as they buy their stuff.

Well.. I somehow lost the thread of what I said, so I will stop now.

Just telling you, Kinect's sales ain't profiting for anyone but Microsoft.

KMxRetro2695d ago

Thinly veiled fanboy argument. All I heard there was "Wah! Wah! Kinect sucks! Wah! Wah! Move rocks!"

Sorry, dude, but you're coming across as an absolute fanboy of the highest order. You need to stop getting so hung-up on this hardcore/casual split, man. Any ACTUAL hardcore gamer will tell you that a lot of "casual" games out there can actually be quite fun. Then again, an actual hardcore gamer plays whatever games they like, because they like playing games. They don't play games just to impress people. They don't buy specific games because that allows them to be called "hardcore."

Just one point I'd pick up on though, specifically: "why would Sony implement Move into so many first party titles that are dedicated to hardcore gamers" - What, you mean like Start The Party, PlayStation Move Heroes, Ape Escape and THE SLY COLLECTION? If that's what "hardcore" gamers play, then mark 95% of the planet down as hardcore gamers.

Hardcore gamers love games, not systems. Kinect brings differing types of games. Move does the same. Cry all you like, but this is happening, and you're going to have to deal with it.

1) Sit and spend your time bitching on forums about how Kinect sucks.

2) Actually go and play some Move games.

One of these makes you a hardcore gamer. The other makes you a douche fanboy.

MisterNiwa2695d ago

You don't know the meaning of implementing, right?

When I said implement I meant, they use the Move Controls for games like Killzone 3, Dead Space 2, Resident Evil 5, M.A.G., Little Big Planet 2 and more.

And seriously, try to take off your green glasses with xbox logo's on top and read what I wrote again. Because, you sound absolutely stupid claiming stuff that I never wrote.

I said the Hardcore Games coming from Microsoft are getting less treatment, all they announced this E3 was that Crytek game and the rest of the line-up was for Kinect, also Gears Of War 3 is the only thing that Microsoft has lined up for 2011, in Autumn, which is pretty effing sad, isn't it?

Why don't you even try to understand that Microsoft doesn't effing care anymore once Kinect booms?

I never said Casual Games ain't fun, I said Hardcore Gamers are getting less and less treatment, now that Bungie is gone and hopping for Activision, there won't be Halo anymore unless it's a Kinect Game from Microsoft's Studio.

Call me fanboy all you want, if you won't accept that then you are far beyond help.

I mean seriously you don't even know about Move the way you talk and you actually pointed out something I wrote which was based on facts just to give me that crap?

Okay see I can do that aswell.
I'd like to point out something from what you've wrote "Kinect brings differing types of games.".
So, you mean like, Kinect Sports, Child Of Eden, Gal-Gun, Kinect Adventures, Kinectimals, Dance Central and such? These are different types of games?
All you have to do with these is stand on one point and do what they tell you to do on the screen. There is no variety to that, only other objectives and different HUDs.

Excuse me, but I rather play Fable 3 now than to spend more time with a confused fanboy like you.

radphil2695d ago

KMxRetro is another person that doesn't really understand the situation.

MS COULD have put all that money into development, but instead they put it all to marketing.

Let's put this into perspective. When was the last time you heard of a game doing a 500 million budget? Now think of ALL that money into showing ads/videos of a product.

Don't you think people would get the LEAST BIT MAD for them not focusing on gaming development, and instead showing an object to the highest degree, yet most common people still haven't even done research into it.

GuruStarr782696d ago

People are can still find them at retail price if you search for it online......

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