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"For many the Red Dead Redemption story line has been completed and left players craving more. The DLC packs leading up to the Undead Nightmare pack have consisted mainly of new multiplayer components. Now all of us Red Dead fans can immerse ourselves in the beautiful western frontier once again. If that isn’t enough to catch your attention, then maybe the fact that John Marston has resumed his spot as the lead role will excite you. Rockstar has unleashed the undead into the wild west and it is up to John Marston to venture out for a cure in order to save his family and the old friends that cross his path once again." - JPS

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easto1a2642d ago

think i might have to buy this

MightyMark4272642d ago

bought it and its a DLC that is worth buying

TheLastGuardian2642d ago

I'm 8 hours in and not even finished with the story missions. It has alot of new stuff to offer in single player and a new zombie horde mode which is prettty addicting imo.

ShadyDevil2642d ago

Who would have thought Zombies and Westerns mix? I think Rockstar started a new movie genre lol.

GuruStarr782642d ago

just started playing it is amazing....I did'nt realize how awesome red dead DLC pack ever....whole new campaign.....I hope rockstar makes more like this, I would buy every single one of them.

danielle0072642d ago

I want it.


Stop rubbing it innn :( :(

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