Fable III and the latest DLC rip off!

Fable III is the latest to jump on the DLC bandwagon. Msxbox-world explores the darker side of the game's DLC.

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T9X692640d ago

Huh? There's only 2 DLC right now, Free Weapons which is for people who didn't buy the game new since those free weapons, dyes, potions, etc come with every new version of the game, and a Dog outfit for you're character....which is silly since you already have a chicken suit lol.

rroded2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

lot of devs jumpin on the ol cash wagon wit dlc now being in almost every game

hope we as gamers avoid the rip offs n only buy dlc that adds real value to the game...

still dirty to have the dlc premade esp already on the disk or made so you need to pay more to experience the full game...

ChronoJoe2640d ago

Not really.

The DLC is produced on a different budget, to the actual game. And it's never claimed to be in the game, you still get exactly what you paid for. It's not devalued by the DLC.

What is wrong however, is what Ubisoft did with Assassins Creed 2. Ripping out campaign chapters, and selling them as DLC. Wow, I've never seen anything so low from a developer, absolutely disgusting.

TekoIie2639d ago

YH AC2 was the biggest dlc rip off. OH and btw Lionhead studio actually sold some of fable 2's Dlc cheap to help everyone out So before anyone else shouts "RIP OFF" remember that and then be gratefull...

hazelamy2639d ago

actually chrono i would say if they've spent time and money developing this content to sell instead of it being part of the game then they're shortchanging the buyers.

we're supposed to be paying for development and production of the title when we buy it, if part of that money paid for dlc that they will then sell seperately, then we're being ripped off.

anyway, that "developed separately" excuse didn't wash when capcom tried it for the new modes for resident evil 5, it's not gonna fly here either.

WetN00dle692640d ago

There is also the Collectors Edition DLC.

T9X692640d ago

Yea which comes with the Collectors Edition lol not sold on the marketplace. I got the game at midnight on launch day and the only DLC ever available was those two things.

WetN00dle692639d ago

Not much of a collectors to be quite honest!
And the Quest to unlock Wolfbane is meh.......i love the game BUT they could of done alot better with that quest!

Yi-Long2640d ago

... and is DLC-milking it from the get-go... just means I won't be buying that game at full-price.

DLC makes me spend less money on games. Not more. Games I normally would have bought full-price, as soon as the developer announces DLC-milking/scamming, the game just goes on my 'might pick it up later when it's cheaper and complete' list.

I did it with Fable 2 (waited for the GOTY), I did it with Fallout 3 (GOTY), I did it with Assassin's Creed 2 (Complete Edition), etc etc etc.

Just vote with your wallet and don't support DLC-milking and their developers. It's that simple.

NewZealander2639d ago

i was shocked by the amount of dlc for fable 3, talk about ripping people off, no way am i paying for a tattoo or other lame crap that should have been on the disc.

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shades722640d ago

Microsoft removed some of the DLC. So it will appear at a later date.

MGRogue20172640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Of course... We can't have too much content in that disc, right Microsoft?


Dread2640d ago

yes because this in not done with playstaiton 3 games right?

TekoIie2639d ago

great this topic just got turned into a console war...

sonicsidewinder2640d ago

Games will end up adopting the free-mmo 'micro-transaction' aproach.
Heaven forbid. but does that sound so farfetched? Not to me.

Ducky2640d ago

Thats what happened with TF2 recently.
You'd think someone at Activision would tip Kotick over the fact that the kids playing CoD would be willing to pay an extra $1 to have a fancy camo to wear for a month. x.x

Modestmex2640d ago

dont buy dlc you consolites!! stand up for what its right kids!!! lol

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