TGV: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review (Xbox 360, PS3)

A video game adaptation of a 400 year old Chinese novel? Not as far fetched as it sounds. Ninja Theory manages to tell a great interactive story about two souls' journey west.

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borisfett2789d ago

I honestly enjoyed this game. It's short, but while its lasts its quite the experience. The gameplay was a little more basic then I could have hope, but this is the kind of game created for the experience, not the depth of its mechanics.

CernaML2789d ago

Agreed. Very basic gameplay. Practically holds your hand the entire play through. However, it was still very fun and had a great storyline and characters.

TroyAndAbed2789d ago

I'm sorry, but I didn't feel like the game plays itself.

Splinter Cell: Conviction plays itself. Enslaved is phenomenal!

RustyMagus2788d ago

I never said the game plays itself. I did say that it holds your hand throughout the entire experience, but I didn't really hold that against the game.

Sidology2789d ago

I really wanna try this game out. I feel I should buck up and get it, but I feel it would just be another to add to my ever-growing pile of shame.

But nice review, man!

Sidology2789d ago

Whoa, wait. Site says 7, N4G says 8. 7.5?

RustyMagus2788d ago

Site and N4G should be the same. I changed it.