42 hot games only on PS3: 15-6

CVG: In part one of our countdown of the 42 hottest upcoming PS3 exclusives we touched on games like The Agency, DC Universe and Twisted Metal.

In part two we're counting down from 15 to 6 and will be taking a closer look at games such Ni No Kuni and Resistance 3

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NewsForMe2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

It must be fun in the future. How can you judge something you haven't played?

EvilBlackCat2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

How can you judge something you haven't played?

Did you know that the PS3 it only does everything?

you can access a secrete area in ps3 menu using the eye toy and get teleported to the past and future. Geez how do you think the Xbox 360 got his RROD? and how do you think that woman at the Charlie Chaplin movie got there? YES the ps3 can also do teleporting thanks to the power of the cell and the space available just on blu ray.

YUP that list was just 20 but somebody apparently teleported there and add more.

mmm lets see how many of those games i care about? 1... 2... 3... none oh wait "12. Motorstorm Apocalypse:" but that is a rent for me 1st.

Killzoned2822d ago

LoooL check EvilBlackCat previous comments, everything he says shows that he is a Pure 360 Fanboy! Every Sony thread he sees you will see him trolling and hating on it lool

Relax yourself,Admit it, You only like games on 360

Say No More

BulletToothtony2822d ago

of course evilblackpussy is mad.. he has begged his mommy to buy him a ps3 for over 4 years now..

all he has left is trying to convince himself that the ps3 is not what he wants..

i would be upset too, well maybe not as mad but yeah

Parapraxis2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

"How can you judge something you haven't played? "
The title is "42 hot games only on PS3: 15-6" These are games that have had great success (previously in the series) or have a lot of people looking forward to them.

It may be hard to comprehend for some of you though...apparently.

EvilBlackCat your 1 bubble speaks for itself. Your more than likely don't own a PS3, it's easy to figure that out from your comment history. "show your PS3 some love"???? If your supposed PS3 is being neglected you sure aren't much of a gamer.
Seems you are claiming you have a PS3 so you can troll it incessantly.

2822d ago
Parapraxis2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Haha, I hear your frustration insomnium, I've been banned a few times (for absurd reasons) and de-bubbled as well.
I understand your desire to vent, you need to post more when you get a chance, as you clearly have a sense of LOGIC and REASON.

I really encourage you or anybody who sees the absurdity in speaking truth on N4G to add me. my tags are in my profile.

I'll post an on topic bit so the mods can't delete this post.
Uncharted 3 by far is my most looked forward to title on the list. After the first 2 games i'm 100% sure UC3 will deliver.

I'm glad I own a PS3 and 360, because if I only owned a 360 my "hot games ONLY on 360" list as it stands right now would be say the least. I honestly can't think of more than 2 ONLY on 360 games right now if I ignore the games on Kinect, which I do. on 360.

Sadly, I feel Kinect will be the end of nearly all core exclusives on 360 =/

BulletToothtony2822d ago

@insu i gave you a bubble hope it works

bananlol2822d ago

Your not the only sensible person who has been reduced to one bubble. If it works the way i think bubbeling him up wont work.

That said i really hope Ni No Kuni will get a western release.

Acquiescence2822d ago

I was banned for a week a few months back. Know what for? Remember that article about real time damage to vehicles in GT5? It can't with an image of a busted up car. I commented on it, stating something like... "Must have been an asian chick driving that car!" Got banned for a week. It was deemed offensive. TO WHO?! How could anyone find that offensive, apart from the legions of asian women who browse this site, 'cos I'm sure there are many.

It's not that I was particularly pissed for being unable to comment for a week. My problem was, if you're gonna ban me, ban me for something substantial. Don't ban me for making fun of the mildest stereotype ever.

sulphury2822d ago

i always offend ppl for bein noobs and curse.
never been banned.
(then again i might have, i dont comment regularly or do i care...)

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princejb1342822d ago

because its ps3 exclusives
like uncharted 3 we know is gonna be great
motorstorm is gonna be great
lbp2 great
ratchet games are always great ever since the ps2 era
kz3 like must i say is gonna be great

idk about journey or Ni No Kuni
those are new ips
so well see about those

Parapraxis2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

"idk about journey or Ni No Kuni "
I agree.
I absolutely LOVE Ghibli films and am extremely interested in how this game will turn out, my only worry is that it may be just a little bit too kid friendly (easy and/or lacking in depth) for me to get into.
Either way though, it's a game I have been keeping in my sights.

Genecalypse2822d ago

It's definetly going to be an all ages type game, I figure like Disney movies it'll appeal to everyone. Ghibli also made Grave of the Fireflies who knows the game could make grown men cry

Dark-Cloud2822d ago

u don't need to play the game to know if game is good or not , u will know if it's good or not just by watching the video or even pictures ...

N4OGs2822d ago

this will have trophies which will already make the mastery and difficulty of this game higher. Its gonna be more about the world and story for this game. The immersion of actually being in a film of these studios. If you watched there movies often times you wish you could be in that world and discover more things about it. Thats what this game will give you and it will be magical.

If you watch these films you really need to grab a ps3 if you already dont have one because this game will be awesome to just play in that world for months.

bananlol2822d ago

A friend of mine kept talking about a ghibli ds game, but the fact that it was a ds game prevented my interest from getting peaked. I later saw a screenshot of a ps3 game i simply needed to get, and it was this.

Rohered2821d ago

PS3 has few exclusives but...
How many of theses exclusives are only in Japan?