(Gametrailers) Killzone 3 - Multiplayer Preview

Your first tour through the features and gameplay of Killzone 3.

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Blaster_Master2732d ago

holy crap. did I just see a shotgun with a red dot on it?!

raztad2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

you did. It packs a punch on close but is weak at long as expected. I rarely use it scoped.

morganfell2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Yeah, running as an Infiltrator the first thing I had to do was unlock a better weapon. The damage decreases with range due to shot spread. It's great on small maps or close in areas but on Corinth Highway in Warzone? The Engineer and Tactician have both been great classes to run. The latest patch yesterday really has this beast humming like a dream.

raztad2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Right. It is not advised to use the shoty for anything else but Warfare and Operations, both of them set on The Dam.

I unlocked it as Medic, primarily because I wanted to unlock later the M82. Point is I ended up having a lot of fun playing warfare with it. The Dam is amazing for close combat. Its design is so good that allows for any range of combat.

Have you checked the LMG? I read it was nerfed. I surely hope it is true. The accuracy of that weapon is/was? beyond ridicolous. No recoil when scoped at all and no bullet spread.

morganfell2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

I don't think it is nerfed. I was in Warzone last night and we defending on Search and Destroy and I was shooting guys across the map where that large center stage platform is located. I was Helghast and we were having a blast. When I ran that map and mission the last time they got turrets built overlooking the demo sight and just raped the hell out of us.

My favorite weapon is the Sta long as an Engineer is keeping the ammo crates repaired. The Helghast STA3 machine gun seen here:

is a little nerfed and is like the shotgun. It is inaccurate but it puts out a wall of lead with an insane fire rate. But it was like that in KZ2. I don't have many complaints at all.

I would like to see some changes in the colors of the minimap. I was the target last night in Assassination and was having trouble seeing the zone. An infiltrator got into the area and was taking guys down with a machine gun. It's like that scene from Terminator when Kyle Reese was watching the Terminator Infiltration unit (Franco Columbo). The guy hit me with a shotgun blast and I went down with 3 seconds on the clock. It damn near killed me and then two of my guys burst in and cut him down with subs and I survived the round.

I can't brag about the game enough. I buy a lot of games. Thousands a year spent on gaming and I may slow down purchases because I know this thing will eat such a huge chunk of next year.

bageara2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

The LMG is ridiculus they need to do something about it, you can snipe with the thing


What about the gun with the supressor or silencer? Is it good?

deafwing2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

It's a beast!!! O_O (even in the KZ2 .. just wasn't popular)

I can't deny I like it a little bit. :)

Yet, I digress, it's like the Quick Sniping fiasco all over again - you can mow down whole corn fields of gamers with that thing.

dead_eye2732d ago

I'm not keen on the silenced gun. It's a machine pistol. Takes a lot to take people down with it (but that's not a bad thing I suppose)

raztad2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Just had some time to test the LMG and the M82 (standard ISA rifle).

Lets start with the positive: Once unlocked, using the M82 makes the game feel like KZ2 but with tighter controls. The recoil is really good on both hip and sights. Bullet spread is perfect. Enough power at close range, deadly at long.

Negative: The damned M22 LMG is extremely overpowered. As of now is the most powerful weapon at any range. It has to be a BUG. I dont think GG did this on purpose. Hip firing is perfect but scoped is totally wrong. I mean it cant be, the supposedly "inaccurate" LMG is dead on accurate at long rage. What also makes me thing this is a BUG is the fact, the M22 is the default weapon of the engineer class. Unlocked weapons (Sta3) are nowhere as good.

deafwing2732d ago

do post your comments over at GG websites in their forum
this kind of feed back is always good

login with your psn id
and put your thoughts here: http://community.killzone.c...

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zeddy2732d ago

fun game, initially i thought the controls were still off but after a bit you start to get used to them, looking forward to unlocking some weapons.

Flashwave_UK2732d ago

killzone is the best fps in every aspect original realistic and exsesible

MerkinMax2732d ago

I kid, but seriously, I want to play this so bad!

ksense2732d ago

it doesn't matter how good and awesome looking this game is a typical xbox fanboy would say
Halo sold more in first week than killzone ever will.... and that SOMEHOW makes them superior

gtsentry2732d ago

sony needs to advertise this game like hell when it comes out

Flashwave_UK2732d ago

yeah lol they did that for killzone 2 and we sold 2.5 mil

hesido2732d ago

It saddens me, but advertising will not help KZ reach halo sales.

N4Great2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

"yeah lol they did that for killzone 2 and we sold 2.5 mil "

no, they did'nt..just internet hype/reviews.

+ install base was inferior, most offf the call of nooby crowd did'nt like the controls, so with a good marketing campain, new controls, and 43/4 millions (february) ps3, the best console fps could sell very well.

" no game takes more "skill" than the other"

you are so wrong.

raztad2732d ago

Please we dont need Halo related comments in this thread. Let us keep the trolls at bay.

Regarding sales. KZ3 has potential to be a big hit. I'm expecting campaign coop to be announced at some point. Multiplayer is amazing and I'm confident the story will be great too. There is no reason for KZ3 not to sell well.

HDgamer2732d ago

Basically this game will be a hit, only the media and trolls will try to convince you otherwise. I'll be buying this game as well as Crysis 2. But I think KZ3 will keep me glued to the screen.

BARF2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

why do you have to bring halo in here???? halo is good killzone is good. grow the fuck up. no person is superior to another just because of their game of choice. all fps's are generally the same. no game takes more "skill" than the other. even though the killzone or halo elitist will tell you different.

im in this beta and its pretty damn fun. of course some things could be a little more balanced, but that is to be expected from a beta. for some reason last night i couldnt find any full matches . i guess today i will have to try again.

Paradise Lost2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

This game is going to kick so much ass!

Sales don't always factor in a good game you know.

kyrosheel12732d ago

Looks like the critics are loving it so far.

bageara2732d ago

Personaly im loving it but there is mixed feelins on Killzone forums

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