Gran Turismo 5: Amazing Rally Footage Emerged

A new video shows some so far unsighted gameplay footage of the rally races in Gran Turismo 5.

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Tapey2731d ago ShowReplies(5)
ExitToExisT2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

the main problem of gt5 is; whenever i see a gameplay video, the person who plays it crashs the car in less then 5 seconds..

edit: wow.. watched the whole video.. he/she couldnt handle the car on track not even once.

soundslike2731d ago

no that's the main problem of the people that have demoed it.

nix2731d ago

i felt so good looking at the video. he didnt last two second. at least i can survive 10 secs.

Cevapi882731d ago

well when you think about it, a GTR with professional mode on while on a rally track, unless you are really experienced with the car and the mode, you are just asking for trouble as this driver clearly demonstrated that

ShinMaster2731d ago

I'm getting tired of these old-build BestBuy/store demos.

Also, this person can't drive to save his own life.

DORMIN2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

LMFAO the guy picked Manual Transmission and Professional physics!

The AI knocked him out at the end.

Bad choice of picking that car on a rally track. I'm impressed how the car handles realistically like that on that track, it would take a pro with that car to keep things in control.

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jronj2731d ago

Even if the person driving didn't know what he was doing GT games are too unforgiving, I don't want to spend dozens of hours learning the intricacies of each car and each track I just want to have fun.

I know, I know, "Then don't buy the game".

Unless there is an arcade mode, I won't.

Dnied2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

It's very forgiving if you use every assist they have implemented.

ChronoJoe2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Eh sorry but it's not hard. You have to be dumb to just floor it constantly, if you actually TRY to control the car, it's pretty easy.

Did you try the Acadamy Demo, with the Nissan? those cars are usually trickier to control on these games, than others... it really wasn't hard to get to grips with though. If you're a novice driver you need to trust your racing line.

Oh and he was spinning out because he wasn't making much attempt to play well. He was probably using a wheel (a lot of these demo kiosks are setup with wheels however 90% of the people using them, won't know how to handle a wheel in a video game), and lastly he was using the wrong car, with the wrong tires on.

CernaML2731d ago

It's easy with a controller. I found it much harder to use the steering wheel. Trust me, Gran Turismo is incredibly fun. I was only like 11 years old when I spent more hours on GT3 than any other game I've played this gen combined. :X

Dark-Cloud2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

so u saying gt5 is a great game and u sucks ? ..
always say stupid things .. the game isn't that hard , u learn how to drive a car in a day , u want to play an easy game and unrealistic game go and buy need for speed or forza , u'll see it easy to drive all cars because all of them have the same gameplay .... that's why game makers make easy games , they make it for u because u only want something easy , what about the people who get sick of easy games and want something challenging ?.. u'll be one of us someday and u'll understand what im talking about ...

this is shows that the game is the best game , because in every car u play a new game , u learn how to play not knowing everything in the same day u buy the game ... every car have diffrent things .. every car have a leaderboad for it self in each track ...........

and the amazing thing in this video is day to night , the driver is a forza fan or it's a girl play this game the first time ....

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goosepoose2731d ago

the blind people who play the game are convinced that if they experience the crashing mechanics of gt5, they will be able to see again. why else would they delibaretly crash into a wall?

They have to be blind. its the only logical explaination that makes sense

tacosRcool2731d ago

There are some videos where there are some good drivers

Heisenberg2731d ago

I really wanna smack the idiot with the controller. Somehow it's always the clowns who drive the wrong way and crash into walls over and over again at 10 mph while holding the rear view button down etc.etc.etc that get the privilege of playing GT5 early... And it's completely wasted on them... At least we still get to see new footage.

Karum2730d ago

That isn't a problem of GT5. That's a problem with the person playing not being very good at driving.

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Psychotica2731d ago

What was Amazing about that? The fact the guy was such a bad driver?

soundslike2731d ago

*Picks manual transmission and professional physics*

Narutone662730d ago

That's what I thought. Unless you're a pro, that's a really bad combination for a novice use in GT5.

Allen462731d ago

This is what happens when you let someone who's good at Forza have a go at the real driving simulator Gran Turismo

hennessey862731d ago

my ps3 id id hennessey_86 when gt5 comes out add me and ill show that being good at forza is know bad thing

Heisenberg2731d ago

"being good at forza is know bad thing"

It's hard to sound badass when you don't know the difference between the words "know" and "no" isn't it?

BryanBegins2730d ago

hey, I'm sure he no the difference!

benighted death2731d ago

You are so retarded,its not even funny! But the only fact that you need to bring up forza just show how good forza is,because like it or not,right now forza3 is by FAR the best sim on that being said,i really hope gt5 will be better than forza3,just like i hope forza4 will be better than gt5

And again,fanboys have no credibility

hennessey862731d ago

forza 4 should be better than gt5 and then gt6 should be better etc. both franchises should keep pushing forward.

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