Dynasty Warriors 7 Officially Confirmed for Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 7 is a game that’s frequently been taking headlines recently. Since it’s unveiling at the Tokyo Games Show in September Koei Tecmo Games had remained fairly tight-lipped about the game until a Japanese press conference last week, where a whole slew of new details were launched at the series’ fans, mostly to a positive response. One important detail remained without clarification however, until today, when the European arm of the publisher took to the stage at the London MCM Expo and officially confirmed that Dynasty Warriors 7 was also in development for Xbox 360.

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Darth Stewie2822d ago

I thought it was already confirmed that DW7 will be only exclusive in Japan and multiplat everywhwere else. Oh well I will get the Ps3 version because it is the best version cause of Move support.

WinterWolf2822d ago

Koei Tecmo also announced that the game will feature stereoscopic 3D. I doubt the 360 version has that...

madao2821d ago

There is no Move support.

Official site only showing 3D support icon. (Musou 6 = DW7 for those who are confused)

Compare to Killzone 3 info page which has both 3D and Move support icons.

Bnet3432821d ago

Tecmo dumps it's most credible developer and merges with a company that pumps out a craptastic repetitive game every week. If Ninja Gaiden 3 doesn't bring these guys back on the map, they will be dead to me.

Simon_Brezhnev2821d ago

lol @ they tried to built hype claiming it was built from the grown up for the PS3.

tacosRcool2821d ago

I wonder if it will be better than the couple of last ones

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rrw2822d ago

that easy to predict consider today trend of having ps3 exclusives in japan and multiplatform outside

Redempteur2822d ago

not hard to predict seeing how the 360 is doing in japan ..

PS360fanboy2822d ago

That's the rule around here!

WinterWolf2822d ago

Well, no, but it would be nice if they took the game and specially took advantage of the PS3 hardware as an exclusive. DW6 still had a lot of slowdown when there were many enemies on screen. But, that is more than I expect from Koei Tecmo...

goosepoose2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

i dont know why you expect anything from them. this recycled series was never going to improve.

is it going to be comprimised because its multi? no. its been comprimising for years. look at the graphics,stroy, gameplay. Its allowed to get away with comprimsing these fundamental elements that make a game, because its trying so hard to be a simple experience. gamers nowadays, play stressful games that take 4-6 hours to complete. it makes sense that a game like this exists; to ease the burden of being a gamer.(s)

Biggest2821d ago

Who cares how it looks? The game has been boring since early on PS2. It's not like 360 fanboys love that type of game anyway. Didn't Ninety Nine Nights sell 15 copies between both games?

maxcer2821d ago

"specially took advantage of the PS3 hardware"

so what do you want 6+ hours of cut scenes?

KillaManiac2821d ago

If its actually a good improvement and not fewer characters with MANY clones like DW6 was then yes.

I don't see how DW7 would of taken advantage of PS3 even if was exclusive. When has KOEI shown they are top tier in development terms. I am a HUGE DW and DW Gundam fan and will buy their games 100%, but I know realistically they aren't no Naughty Dog.

Either way...crossing my fingers that when its put in my PS3 it isn't as fail as DW6 was. Currently way more excited for DW Gundam 3 here.

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yewles12822d ago

"it sux m i rite?"

Considering DW is one of few multi's that actually look better on PS3 for once, you just shot a blank. XD

T3MPL3TON 2821d ago

@v1c1ous : well of course.. I mean jeez.. we can't have no multiplats around here.. unless it's Mass Effect 2.. that one is totally OK with the Sonykids. Oh and BioShock. Oh and Ninja Gaiden. But that's IT! Until something else on the Xbox goes multiplat.

Bgibbs2821d ago

No, it sucks because these games haven't been good for years

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chazjamie2822d ago

because the 360 fans were crying out for this game.

v1c1ous2822d ago

and the reasons i want it for my 360 instead are:

1) xbox 360 controller. no particular advantage over ds3, but feels nicer in my hand :D

2) CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS! i couldnt tredge through the dw6 crappy tunes. i busted out some dw4 beats to reminisce!

goosepoose2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

There is nothing good about this game. All you do is smash on the square button and within minutes you have a 1000hit combo. no skill is required either, the only thing interesting about this game is that it managed to go on for so many years.

Just because it has the worst graphics i have ever seen, a story written by a retard who cant read or even gameplay that is made for the blind to enjoy does not mean its fine, because its simple. it means it is shit.

no skill. similar to the way the game is made. i have played better flash games than this trash

CimmerianDrake2822d ago

goosepoose you've just proven how lame you really are.

the story written by a retard is older than your entire family line. the DW story is based on one written 1800-2000 years before you were born and the games story is confined within the limits of that story. if this isn't your game, don't play it. no one is forcing you. but the way you act, it's as though someone is raping you while forcing you to watch them play the game.

there are games that exist solely for fan service you know. they don't have to be the latest FPS with 1080p 60FPS OMGWTFBBQ graphics and kill streaks. /rant

josh143992822d ago

i played a dynasty warriors game a few years back and i don't get what people enjoy about the games.

v1c1ous2822d ago

you dont need a deep storyline, breakthrough graphics, or compelling gameplay. sometimes just a simple, basic experience that you can play with others ad nauseum is ok.

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