BioShock 'Masturbation Glitch' Video

See BioShock's naughty Big Daddy.

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InMyOpinion3646d ago

Rosie needs to relieve som tension, that's all. Nothing to see here.

Panthers3646d ago

No it is more like she is masturbating. Maybe the big daddies are big mommies.

Havince3646d ago

i thought it was quiet funny actually

Goshyujin_Sama3646d ago

cheers! to a grand lol moment hahaha

Lakuspakus3646d ago

Is this really worth even posting?.... Dumb post.

TnS3646d ago

Sorry, I found it funny. :)

Lakuspakus3646d ago

Funny? a insanely little bit, yes. Not really news? Damn right.

tom-mack3646d ago

I've had a splicer with hook hands do the same. Dangerous manouver!