PlayStation Phone: Why it could slice Apple to the core

Their prejudices and preconceptions are dissolving - because no-one likes to be a hypocrite. Even Pricks.

They are starting to ask: "Isn't there any more to it than this?"

"Coooo-eeeee!", calls the PlayStation Phone (or 'Zeus', as she prefers). "I'm the least intimidating console in Sony history. Fancy graduating with me?"

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Game-ur2822d ago

A real threat maybe in japan, in the rest of the world the threat is from Android phones as a grope.

Raoh2822d ago

the playstation phone is rumored to be running android 3.0

nix2822d ago

i'll still wait for PSP2 phone but dunno... i haven't bought a new phone for the last 4 years.

BattleAxe2822d ago

Just bought an HTC: Desire which is better than an iPhone, but I have no doubt that the PSP Phone will take the market by storm especially if its using the Android OS.

Qui-Gon Jim2821d ago

Just don't make me pay an extra $30 a month for a "data package" with the carrier. I don't need my phone to browse the internet or check e-mail, I just want a phone that doubles as a game system and can use Remote Play.

DaTruth2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I'll buy it just for the chance of getting a quality phone for once! I haven't had a quality phone since Nokia from 12 yrs ago!

If this phone lasts half as long as my PSP-1000, it will have significantly outlasted all the digital phones I ever had... and my PSP-1000 has been through Hell and back!

My current Samsung phone's touchscreen panel has shifted left and now I have to press left of every key and some keys are off the page. It won't play video either and it is only one year old!

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number472822d ago

its going to run android.

ryuzu2822d ago

I switched to an Android phone (HTC) from an iPhone a few months back.

Big mistake.... Wish I'd just got an iPhone 4 now :/

I hope Sony can do something better with it then we have now.


Karum2822d ago

What phone did you get and what didn't you like about it?

I've got what is now an outdated (in terms of hardware) Android phone and it's pretty awesome since I was able to root it and make the performance so much better.

duplissi2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

which one?
incredible? good
hero? crap
eris? crap
desire/hd? good
evo? best
aria? ok
mytouch slide? ok

also the g1, g2, n1, original mytouch are all made by htc.

edit: karum what phone do you have? i have the hero, and im regretting not waiting awhile... having a first gen android phone sucks, although i have made it better by overclocking and installing cm6.

ryuzu2822d ago

HTC Desire (Froyo). The phone hardware itself is ok, but the OS and Apps are poor.

The thing seems to have very poor battery life unless every "smart phone" function is disabled (no syncing, no gps, lighting at min), the apps lack a common approach and interface and crash a lot, and the games are far less polished than their iPhone counterparts. Oh, and the touch screen/keyboard isn't as accurate as the iPhone either - but that's hardware/firmware I guess.

Also the iPhone can be driven mostly with one finger/thumb - Android seems to require two hands for almost everything.

About the only thing I like about it over the iPhone I've forgotten, but I'm sure there was something lol.


Soldierone2822d ago

Used both and couldnt stand the Iphone, it made me talk crap about smartphones and i never wanted one. However my phone broke so I went up to Verizon, they let me play around with the Droids and what not and I fell in love.

My Droid is so much better than the Itouch I had, and I love Android. I didn't like the HTC phones at all, I think they give Android a bad name. That and Google is still adopting Android so things are improving. I'm sure when this Sony phone hits games will be pushed further, since the phone isn't boasting anymore more tech than my new phone, so both phones will be capable of handling it.

Apple is good at marketing and the i name can sell whatever its slapped on so they can focus on games and apps and what not. Google is trying to jump in the market, so their focus is getting a good share first, which is happening quite nicely. With 3.0 Google will have a strong grasp, and the PlayStation phone (possibly PSP2) will push Android over google.

Then again everytime I say anything bad about Apple I just get flamed, pretty stupid. Their fanboys are worse than all the fanboys in the game industry combined.

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FanboyPunisher2822d ago

even running droid, they are the most gimped droid phones you can get. Limited frimware update, slow as hell to update them too.

Ericsson = no buy, i'll take a 3DS.

Dirk Benedict2822d ago

...taunting you to reply again.

silvacrest2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

first - 3DS has no phone function so how did you jump from a PSP phone to 3DS?

second - yes, sony ericsson support of the X10 has been rubbish but i suspect its because they were working hard on the PSP Phone

even sony ericsson must no this PSP Phone is a huge opportunity to get their wavering popularity back on track

im sure this device will get the updates it needs and ericsson wont be to slow in getting them

Optical_Matrix2822d ago

Lol noob. PSP Phone will run on Android 3.0.

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Blaster_Master2822d ago

Who's to say there isn't a whole totally new market out there? Im one of those people who can afford an Iphone but honestly don't care about them cause its just a cellphone. I got sprint, and I was about to get the Evo 4g but even it doesn't entice me cause again its just a phone. If Sony was to come out with a psphone, I would jump on the boat, maybe even switch phone companies cause having a psp2 thats a phone is something that really does make sense cause its more than just a phone. There are tons of other people out there like me, also there are tons of people what would switch from the iphone too. Just bring it Sony, ya never know until you try.

hennessey862822d ago

could have 1 but dont want one. I have a nokia n97 which i think is far better than an iphone.

On topic. A playsation phone would interest me, i feel gaming is just tacked on to phones.

Soldierone2822d ago

Exactly lol. Iphone is nothing impressive, especially when all the other phone companies stepped up and showed off their tech too.

Its obviously nothing special when Verzion says no thank you, and none of the other phone companies are pushing to offer it.

farhad2k82822d ago

I thought the PS phone was fake :/
So are the pictures real? I need a new phone and I was thinking of getting the Nokia N8, but the PSP phone might change me mind?

pedrami912822d ago

Engadget is the only one "confirming" it to be real, and it most likely is imo.

duplissi2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

yeah engadget has a pretty good track record on product reveals like this.

silvacrest2822d ago

yeah, apparently they have a history of getting leaks that turn out to be true

i have read all engadgets articles regarding the psp phone and they seem adamant that it indeed exists

SilverSlug2822d ago

is already cutting into Apple's share for awhile ;3

silvacrest2822d ago

it already has larger market share the apples iphone

Cueil2822d ago

there are two different ways to look at this... the OS has a bigger market then the iPhone, but no individual phone has a larger market and if you include all the other iOS devices then Apple still is larger

Raoh2822d ago

what Cueil says is correct.

its a double edged sword for companies like htc, samsung etc..

android is the os of choice for most manufacturers, but that's only because apple uses their own hardware and doesnt licence iOS.

htc doesnt get charged for using android but it only makes money if every phone sold is an htc brand but its not, there a lot of android phones. not one single one is out selling the iphone..

the ones who need to fear android are competing os's that are non apple brand like windows mobile and research in motion. too soon to consider webos, symbian is out..

joffa812822d ago

yea cutting into Apple`s share so much that Apple overtook Microsoft in revenue this quater by $4 billion.

no matter what people think about Apple every boy and his dog along with his mam, dad and sister all want an iphone 4.
andriod may well be good to those who are in the know but for everyone else the iphone is the one they want.


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