First Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie footage on the internet

PS3Life writes: Its finally time for the first Black Ops zombie footage but be quick becouse activision will remove it soon!

If Activision will remove this video you can download him on thanks to EL1TE

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NeoKnight2759d ago

fun for those who like it, but not for me :P

sunnygrg2759d ago

Why are most of these Zombie videos in a crappy cam mode when there are already direct-feed competitive videos.

T9X692759d ago

Because that footage people leaked is just from the beta, which is only competitive. Zombies is only on the full game which very few people have, and it seems those few people don't have capture devices.

FishCake9T42759d ago

Lol Agreed. You can tell its legit though as he is using the M14 which wasnt in WAW.

Ninferno2759d ago

werd fail.... we need more than that!

EL1TE2759d ago

If the video gets removed by any chance (i've downloaded it), i've uploaded it so people that miss it can see.

SoulramonNL2759d ago

I will add this to the news post thank you

EXID2759d ago

thanks for the link~ i always miss these vids =/

TrevorPhillips2759d ago

Looks awesome, cannot wait only 9 days :)

Cpt_Yanni2759d ago

Looks good but not like 'hell yeah' imo...

madara0sama2759d ago

This isn't the first video but still very nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.