Castle Crashers hits next week on the EU PSN

Well in the middle of the night we were sent ax PR from the good people at The Behemoth. In it was one simple piece of information we've all been waiting for.

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killcycle2696d ago

how long have we had to wait for this?
I was tempted to buy it from the US store.

PirateThom2696d ago

2 months and change from the US release.

2 years and change from the XBox 360 release.

SockMaster2696d ago

A really long annoying wait, finally and black ops is coming out i dont think il be able to buy it! :(

hesido2696d ago

It doesn't even support multiple logins either. (You cannot sign with your own id, let alone earn trophies as the second / third player.)

RankFTW2696d ago

Very bad timing for me :( since both Ghost of Sparta and MAG DLC are out this week aswell.

Xx Ziyad xX2696d ago

old game i play this game 2 years ago on Xbox 360

bananlol2695d ago

Still, some people, like me, preferes to buy downloadable games on psn because of the less extensive DRM.

maniac762696d ago

pfft didnt think it was anything to shout about,peeps shouldnt buy it just because psn had to wait so long

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The story is too old to be commented.