Killzone 3 Beta Preview- Everything you need to know

Gamersmint: Killzone 3 has received a complete overhaul, Killzone 2 fans will easily notice all the changes and after investing 500 hours in Killzone 2, there are a few things I really liked in Killzone 3 and a few things I would love to be changed in the final game.

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KeezNah2816d ago

February can't come soon enough, etc.

raztad2816d ago

I have to fully agree with those closing remarks:

"It’s impossible for GG to please everybody, the Killzone 2 faithful and the naysayers who got fed up with the controls. Killzone 3, for me balances everything so well. Not only is it easy to pick up and play now, it still retains the classic Killzone feel, making everyone feel at home. There will still be people who are disappointed, but if you cannot adjust to KZ3 MP and need everything to make you feel comfortable then I suggest you find some other game. Killzone 3 has evolved and it’s showing all signs of greatness to become the numero uno shooter for the PS3."

bageara2816d ago

couldnt of said any better myself

Coogi2816d ago

Ugh, when will FPS games die!!!!!!!!! Probably never. ='/


cyborg2816d ago

particular genre needs to ever die. It's the generic and rip-off games inside a genre which needs to be stopped.

If you have great games like Killzone 3 as FPS, I don't see any reasons why that's a bad thing. The same holds true for RPGS, games like ME 2 and DA are shining examples of that genre.

I just wish there will be more devs like these which make amazing games for a particular genre and we can all enjoy the best products.

It will be a win win for all gamers. I for one don't want any genre to die but just wish devs will make products which really compliments a particular genre.
Killzone 3 is set to raise the bar for how console FPSes should be done. I can feel it

Coogi2816d ago

"die" is more of sarcasm for not being as popular. Though, I disagree with you mainly because people use Killzone as a "Look us sony fanboys got killzone it's so much better then your Halo and kills cod!!1!"

I have nothing against the ps3 though I prefer 360 ONLY and I said ONLY because I play Madden and RPGs only I respect ps3 and it has some great games but not as many RPGs that fit my taste. But I'm not here to start the EPIC console battles, LOL.

I actually HATE FPS....though I liked world at war. But they just make a lot of FPS games now days and they kinda run the online and market due to online being so popular so company's try to make FPS games more well because they sell better.

It just be nice to see some of these popular company's being something out other then FPS games and try something new or stop so many sequels to everything and see some more new IPs hell even try some new IPs.

See people like Infinity Ward, Naughty Dogs, Bungie make some RPGs and even Square Enix make a new RPG for xbox/ps3 that's a new IP.

Bioware basically run RPGs right now and Bethesda has made like 2-3 games in like what 6 years?

Guess I'm ranting cause I need some NEW rpgs to play...I mean I actually bought Divinity II due to lack of RPGs...but I guess Fable will do for now.

Baka-akaB2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

i enjoy fps , i'm just tired of the same old team based pseudo realistic squad . Wich is why i can't/won't stand and play most of the upcoming ones , except a few (kz3 , reach, bulletstorm)

The genre used to be very varied ... but now you can't even find something like a quake or unreal tournament , the closest fun frantic games seems to be tps mp modes .

Not everything got to be a cod clone , or a watered down counterstrike

Thank god for at least a few games who keep the flame alive in single player , like bioshock and deus ex .

visualb2816d ago

and why are you so linear?

and why do you come into an article for one of the better established FPS genres out there? why not a article of the 100000th new FPS coming out?

yes, I love RPG's too, but the presence of FPS's aren't going to diminish the presence of RPG's.

grow up

prongs1232816d ago

After reading this, I am just waiting for the download to finish. looks like GG listened to fans after all.

Shazz2816d ago

this is such a fantastic game a lot better than kz2 from visuals too tighter gameplay so all we need now is official coop announcement

jneul2816d ago

kz3 beta looks amazing:-D sorry just had to tease because I play on it haha

IrishYamato2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Do you still have to carry a handgun at all times? That really annoyed me on KZ2.

SprSynJn2816d ago

They are manually unlocked this time around, so you don't actually have to use them. I have not unlocked any of the other main weapons, but from what I can tell you can only select one at a time. So it looks as though carrying a handgun is a necessity in this game as well. There are multiple selections for each gun class by the way, so there are other options to the standard handgun you always carried around in Killzone 2.

Dark_king2816d ago

Nope you can unlock a skill that gives you a second primary weapon in the secondary weapon slot.or just don't unlock the pistol.

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