CoD Black Ops Wii Online Multiplayer Info

Thanks to a recent interview of Anna Donlon Sr. Producer on Black Ops for the Wii, it has been confirmed the online multiplayer options that the game will include and the options are by far greater than any other Wii game available.

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ThaBlackBaron2760d ago

Looks like the Wii Version will be the Superior version

tunaks12760d ago

how so?
While I'll be picking up the wii version eventually, my primary platform of choice for fps is the pc- and thats going to be the best versoin.

tunaks12759d ago

controls yes,
and technically it has the most control options.
CCP, and Wiiremote Nunchuck.

Chuk52759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Better than what? Not superior to xbox/ps3/pc version for sure.

turok2759d ago

I have respect for treyarch. Making a wii title great and actually puts effort into making it a great online experience. Wish other 3rd party wud take treyarch's example.

joykill2759d ago

this and Conduit 2, can't get any better than that