IGN: Fable III - Why It Fails

I'm just going to come right out and say it. As far as I'm concerned, Fable III is a step backwards from Fable II and a big disappointment. Both games have huge flaws, but unlike Fable II which was able to overcome its issues, leaving an experience where the whole was greater than the sum of its parts, I think Fable III is defined by its failings because the experience doesn't come together into a unified whole nearly as well. Let's break it down.

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Shanks2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Jesus, is this game that bad?

T9X692817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

No, IGN is just stupid. They give it a 8.5 and says it fails. Here's what he had to say.

"The writing in particular is uniformly excellent and hugely entertaining, and the overarching story and concept of making choices about a kingdom is conceptually very cool, but it's hard not to be disappointed when a sequel not only fails to move forward, but actually goes backwards."

Basically, he left his system on all night to get free gold, didn't change his weapons the entire game, complained because the choices implied being good will resort in you not having enough money at the end of the game (even though he "cheated" to get mass amounts of gold), he complained that the weapons now have "challenges" and gives players a reason not to switch weapons because they want to see how it morphs, he complained he had to physically walk in a video game that takes about 5-10 seconds with loading the Sanctuary to equip a weapon (even though he never changed them the entire game, he says) instead of looking through a long laggy ass list of text that was considered your inventory in Fable 2, he said the choices you make are bare bones even though almost every single one effects how Albion will look, feel, and how the people will react to you.

In short, Lionhead gave to many options for this guy and instead of pursing them, he avoided them and whined about it later.

Game-ur2817d ago

We need to show some tough love if we want this franchise to be great, it has been going downhill since the first one, and covering up the obvious flaws and buying Peter M bull$#!t isn't going to help.

Same thing for other games like FF13 DmC Resistance 2...

T9X692817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Who's we? This series is already great, I personally love it and every single one of my friends who play Fable think it's getting better with each one. I loved how the series has changed so much with it's time period and seeing how Bowerstone has changed over the course of the 3 games. Fable 3 is by far my favorite Fable game. I feel in control and like what I do actually means something in the game and can change things. I've done 2 playthroughs so far, one good and one evil, and I can't tell you how different both worlds are. There's areas in one save that I can't even access in another, and some areas that are completely different in every way. Like when you can drain Bower Lake for example, on one save it's this beautiful place with a big lake, trees, and full of life. On my other save it's a quarry with tons of miners, no water, machines, and I can explore everything beneath the lake, and that is just ONE area. I also like how as an evil character everyone isn't running away from me making every area of the game feel like a ghost town, but instead stand there and shiver in fear. Also Fable 3 doesn't feel as linear as Fable 2 which is a very good thing.

Everyone who knowns anything about PM will know the guy openly speaks his mind about his ideas for Fable. I for one never listen to him because I know some of his ideas wont make it into the game, and because of that I have never been disappointed with a Fable game. Considering how strong Day 1 sales were for Fable 3 even without the PC release, it's inevitable that they will continue the series and work on Fable 4. Which is good news for me :)

I still find it funny people are actually complaining about the game being easy. The first game was easy, the second game was easy, what makes anyone think the third would be different? Fable has never been a hard game, and I kind of like it that way. I know every time I play Fable and I can play for hours upon hours without ever getting frustrated and be able to relax and enjoy myself. If I wanted to play a "hard" RPG game, I could pop in Demons Souls, or even Oblivion or Fallout and put it on Very Hard.

Baka-akaB2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

I tried to give it multiple chances , but it's definitive i guess , i completely dislike the Fable serie , for various reasons , wich in the end amount to a simple fact , i'm not the target for the game .

However i find it amazing and odd that suddenly review sites that had no problem with the franchise and praised the hell out of it , suddenly find the game a failure ?

Enough already we know the likes of IGN and equally big sites are just vultures , and piling critics or praises , upon games and system , according the trend of the day .

They dont even have the courage to rate a game low when they feel there is a problem ... except of course when it's a fairly obscure (japanese often) game

Game-ur2817d ago

Complex game like this obviously needed at least another year of development, it had the potential to become great, but if fans are settling for just "good" then it will never improve.

danielle0072817d ago

they didn't give the game an 85.

CloudAC2817d ago

@Gamer-ur +bubs
Well said man, this game is fantastic and its evident the editor of IGN just didnt use the mass of choices in this game to advantage and/or for fun. This is the sort of game I love, you pop the disk in, boot it up and you're like
"Wow.. What do I do first?! So many things to do!"
All Fables have been great, and I am confident Fable 4 will be just as good, if not better.

Lightsaber2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

WHY IGN Failed *fixed*

Dont forget you cant spell ignorant without ign

gaden_malak2817d ago

I asked this down a bit, but I will ask to see if this gets any response here:

Is Peter Molyneux the most overrated guy out there? He seems to be promising the world but never delivers.

ChronoJoe2817d ago

Your debating skills are laughable.

'I personally loved it, and so did all my friends' yeah that's relevant. Not that I care for the rest of your comment, or your argument, just caught that from the featured comments, made me lol.

jeseth2817d ago

Is Lionhead paying your Mortgage/Rent?

Wow, way to take is personally and feel it your duty to defend it.

NOTE TO T9X69 : Thousands of people read this guys article and no one thinking about buying this game read your rant!

I think the author makes good points. We should be critical of the franchises we love and not blindly accept them as being great because they are the next Mario, Metal Gear, Halo, Uncharted, Gears, Zelda, etc. etc. etc. ... Fable . . .game. I thought that given the time span since the original that Fable 2 was a serious let down from the first Fable. I haven't played Fable 3 yet but I'm hearing more and more of what the author is writing about and less of the praise you are giving it.

You should respect other people's opinions more even if they aren't your own.

As for the screen shots in this article . . . Wow, Fable 3 looks dated. It looks like a launch 360/PS3 game.

JohnnyBadfinger2817d ago

I have only played the game for about 4 hrs and can't see myself playing it anymore. The lack of menus is such a bad idea. Menus are neater and quicker. Hate the floating buttons which all require you too push and hold the button than release it after about 2 seconds.

If anything the only reason the game takes so long to finish is because of the lack of menus.

The game is probably the biggest disappointment of this generation in my opinion.

emekcrash2816d ago

The game is still crap, shallow and should not be called an RPG because its a disgrace to the genre.

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Cold 20002817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Its sitting at 81 on meta right now. So now thats a "bad" game...?

yewles12817d ago

ROFLMFAO!!! I love how bi-polar you get. XD

gcolley2817d ago

make up your own mind. personally i think it is lame. the childish gestures are completely out of context and just embarrassing. there is no inventory yet you collect different things??? to make friends with people you dance with them (male or female, gay or straight) with only one friendly choice at any one time. then some patta-cake wtf?

give me fallout or dragon age any time. i will soldier on though, just to see if the game does anything different or interesting.

number472817d ago

It was as bad as all the PS3 games you called flops for scoring the same cold.

darksied2817d ago


WTF, are you serious? It sounds like a mix between a role playing gme and sesame street.

I guess Peter M's idea of a role playing game differs from the likes of Bioware, Bethesda, ... and pretty much everyone else.

tacosRcool2817d ago

You just have to find out yourself by actually playing it

insomnium2817d ago

I wonder if you will say all the above 80 points PS3 exclusives are great too now? Yeah dream on buddy. This was your doings back in the 2007 or 2008. I could swear by the time Ratchet TOD and Uncharted 1 was launched you were shouting "anything below 90 is not AAA" along with all the rest of you huh? You and aquanox and mart and the likes. Have you forgotten?

punkpop1012816d ago

Damn right 81 is a bad game?????????????????

emekcrash2816d ago

Its an RPG. RPGs are supposed to be massive and breath-taking and that mean that they're supposed to be at about 90-100 on Meta. This isn't which means that its not a good RPG, just a good game.

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avengers19782817d ago

Off topic; What the hell is that song they use in the commercial?

kingxtreme812817d ago

Young Men Dead, by the Black Angels. Enjoy.

acky12817d ago

UK advert is 'Children of the Revolution' - choooooon

joydestroy2817d ago

it's a good game. their score, 8.5, is about right. would be too generous to give it a 9. i have fun in it. i think it's better than Fable 2. i still think i liked the first Fable the most though.

DigitalAnalog2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

"They give it a 8.5 and says it fails".

I think they're talking about a failing title in the franchise. I can pretty much equate that to Biohazard 5 ULTIMATELY failing despite having 90+ scores across the board.

-End statement

King-Leonidas2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

I looked good though, I played Fable II at a friends house and i enjoyed it.

Heartnet2817d ago

Number 2 was alot better.. Lionhead have made this game way to streamlined and casual and has in effect ruined this game..

If your good or bad the only difference is your weapon and being King is just plain boring lol for the majority of it ^^

vhero2817d ago

Metacritic says it all fable 2 average score 89/100 fable 3 81/100... I know 360 fanboys were hoping for more as its a console exclusive but sorry just like Alan Wake 83/100 it fails...

N4Great2817d ago Show
Whackedorange2817d ago

now lets see what do you think is worse for the gaming company that a game fails metacritically than financially :)

rroded2816d ago

tho funny how some games are geting a pass on this like its a ok ta release a half finished product...

lelo2play2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

"Jesus, is this game that bad? "

No it's not. IGN has been going down the drain for some time now. They are now an unreliable gaming site.

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RockmasteR2817d ago

and at the same time IGN gave it an 8.5
it's just a person's opinion
the game reviews are not that bad, but not that good

Coogi2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

What? The lowest I have sen is a 7/10 from Edge...How is that "not that good" it should be under the great category and after that there's amazing. Not that good should be between 6-7.

This guy just seems like he's butt hurt about something or just looking for hits like 90% of sites do now days... Always change he's a fanboy to ya never know.

I NEVER go by reviews by sites though because it's there opinion only...why should you go by there opinion? A kid doesn't like Pizza and explains why, should you go "oh I MIGHT not like it either" and turn it down? Of course not you need to try it for yourself, right? Not only that some sites MIGHT get payed to review them well ( big sites ) not saying it's a fact but they just might because so many people go by reviews now...sadly. Member back in ps2/ps1 where people bought games just for the hell of itt o see if they liked it before going by someone random guys opinion? Like why do you think JRPGs get fail reviews now days? Some are so good but yet most people won't review them ( that's not Asia ) or just go "auto fail since it's not a WRPG or like oblivion" Example: Magna Carta 2, Infinite Undiscovery.

Just my 2 cents.

danielle0072817d ago

With games at $60 a pop, there's no way I'm going to buy games "just for the hell of it." I can't afford it, when there are a bajillion games that I'm already sure that I'll love.

I'm just going to wait for Fable 3 to go down in price, and then I'll get it.

acky12817d ago

Yeh, I can't afford to buy every game that takes my fancy...I'd be skint by now. Demo's are the best indicator but reviews can be useful to find out some flaws and some good points in a game.

On a side note, 'not that good' should really be around 4/10 because 5 should be taken as an average game. Review scores have been over inflated beyond belief almost to the point where every game will get at least an 8 nowadays.

Review scores are pretty meaningless but the content of a review can be somewhat helpful.

vhero2817d ago

At least they gave it a score higher than its average metacritic score of 8.1.

PRHB HYBRiiD2817d ago

im glad i bought alan wake over this

danielle0072817d ago

I'm the anti-fan of Alan Wake. Only game I've actually disliked that I bought day 1.

Fable lets you be king, at least.

PRHB HYBRiiD2817d ago

alan wake it's slow but once u get the hang of it its really good fable 3 is awesome too but right now none of my friends have bought it & ....i don't wanna play that game alone :)

jetlian2817d ago

a troll she trolls all major 360 games

danielle0072817d ago

I'm really a 360 gamer first. I only have a PS3 for the exclusives, and sure they're amazing, but I love 360 games too. I love Halo, I love Fable 1.. not 2. Still a maybe on 3. I play all multiplats on 360, and love it.

The only game I have ever bought this gen and truly disliked was actually Alan Wake. I beat it, make no mistake, and that's why I feel confident when I say ew. I have a lot of *valid* reasons why I dislike it, but I feel like this isn't really the place to have an essay of a comment. Really, if you go into the history of my comments, you will find the reasons why I hate Alan Wake.

I mean, even Fable 2, I wasn't much of fan, but at least that dog was flippin cute, and it had other redeeming qualities, and I felt like I pretty much got what I paid for.

Really, the only thing I've ever "trolled" has been Alan Wake, and possibly Kinect, but even that I've kind of come around to, just because I've decided I like anything that prolongs this gen. Oh.. Maybe Gears, but only really lightly. I loooove Horde, but I like colors.. But you have no idea how super pumped I am for Gears 3.

vhero2817d ago

erm seriously Alan Wakes score is about the same at 8.3 Meta whereas fable 3 is 8.1 meta.

Xx Ziyad xX2817d ago

Fail and u give it 8.5 .. WTF? IGN ?

hellsere2817d ago

Fable III - Why It Fails?

and then score it 8.5. Seriously, and this is supposedly a premium site

emekcrash2816d ago

You do realize that the review was done by a DIFFERENT person right? Maybe the editor didn't like the game as much as the reviewer.

Its not like IGN is a f*cking supercomputer that writes reviews and plays games with mechanical tentacles or something. People work for IGN. Humans, us. Our specie. We have different opinions. Following me?