Fastest Shutdowns Ever - Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Mother of God, this has to be the fastest shutdown ever, made in only 0:54 in the recent Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, hopefully someone can match this time or even make it better.

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tdogg060519912733d ago

I'm at a minute an the top of the day is 21 seconds

Dark_Vendetta2731d ago

I know I sound dumb but can anyone tell me how I activate the boost, or the spikes? It should be arrow up but nothing happens if I push it. I only had the chance to play 5 min max. before I had to go to work, so I couldn't figure it out by myself. Thanks for the help

AAACE52731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

I didn't download the Ps3 version yet, so all I can tell you is the 360 version. If you have PC, you're on your own.

Your boost meter has to charge up. It's the light blue gauge. Hit "A" and you'll get a boost. When you hit the D-pad for spikes or road block, it takes time for them to set it up. You wanna hit it before shortcuts come up or they will bypass it.

Hope that helped... I love this f*ckin game! This so far is one of the most entertaining racing games i've played in years. I have grown tired of track racing(laps) and ultra realistic games. I miss when games used to be about fun!

Dark_Vendetta2731d ago

Have a bubble for the help, I'll try it out later :)

HolyOrangeCows2731d ago



Every stinkin' new racer these days...

xino2731d ago

it's based on luck!

I've always tried the spike trip and normally get 200hit, though once I got a 500hit which means instant shut down just like this guy does.

It's all based on luck. so if you are second or 3rd in your friendlist, don't worry about trying to beat n01 scorer because it's based on luck.

Bodster2731d ago

Yeh that one was pretty lucky, my best is 1:14 something, but i had to really work for that time :P

BubbleSystemSuck2731d ago

what is happenig on N4G?

every crappy Youtube video aproved... :facepalm:

W S K2731d ago

my fastest time is a 1:05
and it´s not totally based on luck...
but luck sometimes plays a role
(like in almost every videogame)
54 seconds....DAMN!!!
to get under 1 minute is almost impossible for me
congrats dude! *applause*

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The story is too old to be commented.