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Dynasty Warriors 7 Official Website Launched

Continuing the series of new details being revealed on the forthcoming Dynasty Warriors 7, Koei Tecmo Games has launched the official website for the game in Japan. Featuring details (in Japanese, of course) on the stereoscopic 3D capability and official confirmation of that March 2011 target release date, keen Dynasty Warriors fans will undoubtedly find the new website a useful resource, despite the language barrier. (Dynasty Warriors 7, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

knifefight  +   1555d ago
All over this one.
rrw  +   1555d ago
the music is BADASS
clintos59  +   1555d ago
Gan Ning FTW...
Check him out..
franslien   1555d ago | Spam
liangqz   1555d ago | Spam
TroyAndAbed  +   1555d ago
And not a single f&@k was given that day...
Baka-akaB  +   1555d ago
yet you seems to care enough to troll the game multiple times already
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PirosThe4th  +   1555d ago
wow... ps3 exclusive and 3D thats badass... hopefully might be better than 6...
which was the worst.. Renbu sucks badly.. >_>
MiyagiSPG  +   1555d ago
wow this is going to be awesome omg can't wait!!! Koei's official site confirms the kingdom of Jin as well omg always wanted to play as them!!! :D

X-Alchemist  +   1555d ago
who actually buys these sh*tty games?
TheNocturnus  +   1555d ago
Yeah what is so special about DW7 that makes it any different than 1-6? These games were cool at the beginning but now they just rehash the same combat, add vaguely different maps and add slightly different characters. LAME!

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