Hideki Kamiya teases on the type of game he's making

Hideki Kamiya the man behind Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe and Bayonetta has confirmed that he is making a new game thanks to his twitter account, then gives a teaser on what kind of game he's making now and many of you will be surprise.

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Masamori Sumimura2762d ago

Please let it be Bayonetta 2 !!! The series got so much potential! let it feature a proper multiplayer and longer campaign and even more Crazy characters!

Vegeta90002762d ago

Bayonetta was terrible and was also the reason why I bought Darksiders instead. I wouldn't mind a Shinobi game to hold me over until Ninja Gaiden 3 though.

Masamori Sumimura2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

I'm guessing you havent played the full game. I dont understand why you would go and Buy Darksiders a game who is Inferior to bayonetta in every way.Bayonetta was one of the best hackNslash games of 2010 and featured a Great battle system that alot of people have called ''one of the best'' out there. Most people who really played the whole thing will disagree with your comment. Also the fact you only have one bubble makes you less credible.

Kareshi_X2762d ago

Dude , you chose darksiders over bayonetta? that's like buying dante's inferno over God of War 3. What the hell were you thinking? ohhh I get it! You played the Playstation 3 sega port of Bayonetta? sorry dude.

Baka-akaB2762d ago

Both bayonetta and darksiders were great and not even really the same type of games .

For starters stop comparing darksiders to gow , it was more like a Zelda and exploration type of games

DigitalAnalog2762d ago

If you're talking about the PS3 port then ABSOLUTELY yes. The 360 version on the other hand reveals an awesome game only the likes of Hideki Kamiya could offer (not to mention WOWING David Jaffe)

-End statement

Redempteur2762d ago

THE PS3 version of bayonnetta wasn't THAT terrible

people need to stop making stories about the game.
if you try it now with the patch there is no real issues ( the framrate is steady , the loading times are short )

DigitalAnalog2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

I haven't played the PS3's full version of Bayonetta yet, but I DID play the demo. And if that was the representation of the final product then it IS a terrible port. The difference between the 360 version is NIGHT & DAY. Heck, it's so bad they're now referring poor multiplat ports as the "another Bayonetta".

-End statement

Baka-akaB2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

except the final game isnt like the demo , nor even close to its patched self obviously .

Seriously this whole "terrible ps3 version" was vastly exagerate .

There were two main issues : loading and framerates wich were fixed , apparently with sony's help , via a patch around release .

The game was more than playable on ps3 ... evne if obviously the 360 is just better .

Thing is unless you have both console , it didnt matter in the end .

ps : i actually bought both versions btw .

Redempteur2762d ago

"it's so bad they're now referring poor multiplat ports as the "another Bayonetta""


there was far worse than bayonnetta in multiplatform porting nightmare

And i was refering to bayonetta AFTER the patch.
Loading times are shorts, no loading times for getting into the menu, steady framerate.I'm not even saying that it was on par or better than the other version. i'm just saying that that issue was blow out of proportion when a patch was released quite fast.

of course the demo made 3 months before the patch can't be as good as the final patched game.

there were issues , yes but it was quicly fixed and some people here tend to forget that .. BOTH VERSION ARE PLAYABLE AND ENJOYABLE !!!

bangoskank2761d ago

Bayonetta was the most fun, most addicting game I played this year. It played like a dream too. I'm hoping for a sequel with a more cohesive story.

Darksiders? ....... Really? <chuckles>

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RageAgainstTheMShine2762d ago

Kamiya is one of the best!

@Vegeta9000 Your power level dropped to 900 with that lame decision of yours. LOL!

DigitalAnalog2762d ago

No, he got hit with a Kaio Ken x4 Kamehameha that is BAYONETTA!

-End statement

ZombieAssassin2762d ago

Oh please let it be Shinibo, it's been too way too long since the last one.

deno2762d ago

I cannot wait if its shinobi. I still have all my genesis, saturn and ps2 shinobi games. He should also make another zombie game, I'm so tired of these new resident evil 4 and 5.

Venox20082762d ago

make new Viewtiful Joe (like 1 or 2, not red hot rumble or double trouble) or Bayonetta 2.. those 2 are one of the best games I've played.. Bayonetta is out of this world, badass hack & slash, better than the most slashers I've played..

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