Why Gamers And The Industry Deserve Respect.

The gaming industry has taken a new dimension, from game play, to character, amazing visual effects, sound, realistic movement and to story telling. Games like ‘Metal gear solid 4′ made world class director – Steven Spielberg ‘go crazy’, and games like it have inspired big-budget movies. Games like Gran Turismo. ‘GT’ has taken driving Sims to the next level, a recent comparison between GT5 and real life blew the Industry away.
Innovative games like Little Big Planet, Guitar hero, Flowers, Rock band, Afrika, and wii fit have also revolutionized the gaming industry. Some of the top-rated games today take years of work and tens of millions of dollars to produce

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Incipio2847d ago

Don't put periods in headlines!

Anyways, decent read.

Soldierone2847d ago

Some of the people in the industry do deserve respect. Alot of talented writers are apart of "fan" sites and some of these sites are really professional and should be something bigger. Alot of fans have alot of good insight and could be good role models.

However at the current rate it never will for one simple reason, childish people. Post a "controversal" headline and half the people a fan of the product wont read any further and just bash the writer. Been there, seen that. Alot of people just like "flaming" other people, being biased and annoying, and so on. Then industry figures, not gonna name them here, also promote this behavior by doing it themselves. Its childish and not needed, and for as long as that last this industry will never get good reconition.