Microsoft Acquires Canesta; NUI Coming In Next Windows, Xbox?

Game Blend "The acquisition spells a step forward in the evolution of user interfaces, as Canesta focuses on elevating productivity for natural user interfaces (NUI), much in the same way that Kinect allows for controller-free gaming.

The real question, however, is how will this affect Kinect in the long term and will Microsoft pull an Xbox 1 with Kinect if they see an opportunity to break through with a new form of interactivity now that they have Canesta’s tech in their services?"

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Triella2790d ago

I called it a long time ago I knew MS would buy any company that could be used by competitors to rival kinect. And I knew next would be Canesta if Toshiba canned it's motion sensor integrated TV, and voilà :

"MS didn't spend any time in developping kinect, they licenced Gesturetek motion control software that existed for 15 years (same as the Eyetoy), then they looked for a company selling depth-sensing cameras (or Zcam) that could work with it. They bought a company called 3DV sepcialized in creating motion-detection technology for $35 million, but like always with MS they tend to buy companies just to have a monopoly in a market and kill any possibility for competition to create and produce their own device.

It's their business model and that's what they did with 3DV, they killed the company and merged it with Prime Sens, the company on which MS had real views and which had developped a cheaper RGB-D cam that could be used for the same purpose. They would even have bought another one called Canesta but they couldn't because Toshiba has a deal with them to develop motion sensors for their TVs."

They wanted 3DV first because Sony had already contacted them in 2004. They bought Prime Sens because they had a cheap sensor solution, and now Canesta, next compnies in line will be PMD Technologies in Germany (which produces CMOS for ToF cameras and Mesa Imaging in Switzerland (which produces ToF cameras).

lelo2play2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"MS they tend to buy companies just to have a monopoly in a market and kill any possibility for competition to create and produce their own device."

Just like Sony buying out every software game company they can to keep exclusives in their consoles... so what is you point exactly? Every big company does the same thing. It's survival of the fittest. Big companies buy small companies, and those big companies become even bigger.

Why is it that when Microsoft buys a company, they are trying to control the monopoly... and when Sony buys a company, it's good business?

SiLeNt KNighT2790d ago

Seems pretty cool! but I couldn't see myself sitting there for hours with my arms up and moving around while trying to relax and read some stuff on the web. not to mention the screen either has to be within arms length or the tech needs to get wayyyy more accurate. I like the flat surface interactive screen idea a lot more. I saw bill gates do a demo on it about 5 years ago, and have been waiting for something like that to take off. while its a cool idea to control things on screen with your hands its not practical imo. a flat surface which does the same thing would work so much better. or the ability to do both.

cmrbe2790d ago

Yeah that would be cool.

SiLeNt KNighT2790d ago

yeah the Avatar ones were awesome! that's like 50 more years tho!

this is kind of the demo i saw 5 years ago but its a newer better version

SiLeNt KNighT2790d ago

MS has computing under control. while i was looking for that video i found this one too. makes me want to skip to 2019!

cmrbe2790d ago

What MS must do though is find the perfect application for this. For example like how Apple use their touch wheel on the original Ipod. It basically made the Ipod the success it has been.

I am sure they can find a really good application of this tech.

Megaton2790d ago

What? The touch wheel made the iPod a success? I'm more inclined to believe it was the storage leap it took. I had a Rio MP3 player before the iPod existed. It held 32mb. Then Apple drops the iPod claiming it can hold 1,000 songs and all that, at which point you could hear a rumble from all the bricks simultaneously being shat across the globe.

cmrbe2790d ago

was the ease of use of the Ipod that made it the great success it is. The touch wheel is the biggest part of that and it made it look, use and feel styalish. it was ver simple and easy to use compare to small button's other players had that were a barrier from some people. It's the same way Apple popularise one button styless smart phone's with the IPhone. It wasn't really cutting edge tech but the application was just perfect.

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