Best Motherboards: Top Ten Choices

It's an interesting time for motherboards. As we await Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture, manufacturers are trying to squeeze the best performance from the two-year-old Nehalem-based Core processors.

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toaster2694d ago

And me!! I'm actually looking forward to HydraLogix in AMD boards. Intel sockets don't last long enough.. 1156 and 1366 were dead sockets on arrival. I love AMD's backwards compatibility, but like nvidia's dual card performance. With HydraLogix I could have an AM3+ board and 2 nvidia GPUs. Intel CPUs are clock for clock faster than AMD though, but in games performance between a $300 i7 950 and a $200 Phenom II X4 970 is minimal. I reeeelly hope Lucid Hydra gets onto some mid-range boards.

BannedForNineYears2694d ago

Me. I'm gonna be getting a job soon. Gonna save up for gaming PC parts. ~_~

DirtyLary2694d ago

Actually this is perfect timing. I've gotta start looking into building a new gaming pc. Red Orchestra 2 and BF3 should be coming next year.

Ultra Gamer2694d ago

I'm in the process of building my 1st gaming rig.

joydestroy2694d ago

i rock an Asus Rampage III Formula. great mid range with some bells and whistles.

hoops2694d ago

"who cares?"

And another console only gamer offers nothing to this conversation

Jacobite2694d ago

It tends to be important when your building a PC, someting you have never done I take it.

CombineElite2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

As a rabid PC gamer I'm not too happy with this list as MSI does make a solid product but the BENCHMARKS don't lie Gigabyte then Asus then everybody else.

Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Rev.2 or GA-890gpa-UD3R REv.2 is the best board out there in Intel or AMD format you just can't beat it, and trust me ASUS has really tried but keeps coming up short to this board at the $150 price point.

The AMD format comes with an integrated HD 4290 that can run Crysis or Metro 2033 with "some" eye candy turned on at 1920 x 1080 at 30 FPS. Also it has 6 gb SATA, 4 PCI-e slots, and supports CF or SLi.

Awesome board!!

Here are some benchmarks against $200 and $250 motherboards.

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digger182694d ago

Asus P6X58D-E is the board I'm running at the minute.
Great middle range board and does everything I need it to do =)

kneon2694d ago

I just finished building out a system with this board yesterday. i7 950, 12gb ram, 1+2tb HDD and an old 4850 graphics card. I was all set to get a 5970 but now I'm going to wait for the rest of the 6xxx line to come out before I decide.

toaster2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Holy shit bro what do you need 12GB of RAM for?!?!?! Most games don't even use up 2GB of DDR2 800, let alone anything DDR3. Either you're running a small server and know what you're doing, or don't know shit about computers and spent way too much :3 I'm thinking choice B because if you have the money to spend on that kind of RAM then you wouldn't get it with a P6X58D-E. By the way, even if you know what you're doing, you still spent way too much money on RAM.

Also, x58 boards are known to be less stable with all 6 DIMMs filled, that's why people who need lots of RAM buy higher density modules ie 3x4GB vs 6x2GB. Amount of gigs isn't all that important. CAS latency and timings are more important, if you have 12GB at like 9-9-9-24 and 6GB at 7-7-7-20, the 6GB will be faster.

As for the video card, good thing you didn't get the 5970. It's price/performance ratio is way out of whack. I roll nVidia myself, and waiting for the 580s. I'm thinking nvidia will have a better performing GPU when Caymen XT rolls around since they've done it before. AMD pushes new hardware faster but nvidia beats them with performance. Also keep in mind drivers and such, AMD really lacks behind in that area and that's AMD's Achilles heel.

Theonik2694d ago

You can never spend too much. If you have $$$$ you can go crazy. lol

moe842694d ago

Actually Toaster, the amount of memory can be pretty important. Depending on what you do, you may favor amounts of memory over clock speeds. From a gaming standpoint, you actually want both clocks and amounts. Especially if you run multiple demanding applications as well as lots of stuff in the background. If I ran 2gb of memory, my system would be slow as hell. I have 8... although I would probably be okay with 4. But then again, having all of your DIMMs full looks so much prettier than just having half full. My opinion of course.

Start getting into high-end photo, sound and video editing... and you'll want more than a measly 2gb of memory.

Thecraft19892694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

toaster I agree with most of comment accept from what said about 2gb ram. 2gb ram would all right for a medium setup but not hardcore setup. Some people need more ram as there pc is not just for gaming.

i just finished building my new system due stupid fire. Insurance money rocks so that was alright

24gb 6*4gb
3x gtx480
3x 30'' running at 7680x1600
motherbaord is a
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7

Its a beast

kneon2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )


The system wasn't built for gaming, though it will get used for that now and then as well. It's for video and photo processing. Processing HD video can eat up a lot of RAM. I was just going to get 6gb for now but they had a good deal on so I went for the 12. Last years system is an i7 920 with 12gb of ram and it's been rock stable, never had a problem and I've had it run under high load for as much as a week solid. Hopefully this one works as well as the old one.


Beast is an understatement, you won't need to turn the furnace on this winter if you keep that thing going :)

Theonik2694d ago

Yeah i figured you'd want that for video editing for gaming that much ram would be useless for some time still like toast already said.
Btw while on the topic of total overkill here is what i'd do if i was given unlimited money and allowed to waste it as i please with no restraints:
This baby coupled with 2 Xeon 5675 6 core would be insane.

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slyrunner2694d ago

Has held me nicly , i wonder why it isnt in the top 10, the only thing it is missing is USB 3.0 but you can get a adapter for it.

Dirk Benedict2694d ago

classified is a very nice mobo. i don't think it is being made any more, but i hold fast if mistaken.

Theonik2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Pity it was a limited run and i didn't catch it on time. Will probably go with Rampage III extreme on my new rig.

Xfanboy2694d ago

sorry Im late was stuck in traffic!! ME!!!

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