Half-Ass Gaming: Fable III Review

Kevin Jones writes: "After nearly 4 years of waiting for the release of Fable II, you would have thought the series would have gone into hiatus. Not this time folks, once again you’re thrust into the world of Albion head first. You take on the role of a Prince or Princess, who is forced to take action against a corrupt king. It’s time to start a revolution against this unjust ruler, and take your rightful place as the leader the kingdom deserves."

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T9X692733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

"After nearly 4 years of waiting for the release of Fable II, you would have thought the series would have gone into hiatus"

I can hear the GT5 criticism for it's long wait already....

Let's not forget Duke Nukem Forever as well, 10 years......yea that should draw some hate.

Obama2733d ago

lol @ T9x69 already wishing GT5 to get a bad score. Butt hurt is all I can say.

Tachyon_Nova2733d ago

Funny for Obama to call someone butt hurt. Mate, your gonan get smashed in the mid term elections, then we'll talk about butt hurt.

FACTUAL evidence2733d ago

There's a difference though T9. GT5 WILL be a AAA.

TheBlackSmoke2733d ago

Well gt5 is not going to be a mediocre, simplified 12 hour "rpg" now is it?

T9X692733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Don't matter what the game is, it's genre, or how "good" you THINK it will be, the more it gets delayed, the more hate that will come. People think "Oh well the game has been in development for 5-10 years, it should be nothing less than perfect." and if it isn't, it will be hit hard. Also reviewers will tend to be picky about the stupidest little things because the game took so long to come out. If GT5 has one little glitch where, lets say, part of the track disappears, I guarantee some journalist is going to point it out like it's a big deal.

EDIT: FYI Splinter Cell was only in development for 2.5 years because the product was scrapped and started over, same with Alan Wake. I wasn't disappointed with Fable 2 so that's not an issue with me, as far as FF13, I don't know because I never played it.

TheBlackSmoke2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

We already know that when gt5 is released it will be the best game in its genre by a mile. Sure its been in development for 5 years but I think most sane people will appreciate the amount of quality and content in the end product which more than justifies the waiting. If a reviewer wants to be petty and degrade gt5 because of something trivial then they are not worth reading.

Fable 2, Alan wake, Splinter cell conviction, final fantasy 13 didn't justify their development times, which is why they were dissapointments, which doesn't mean they were bad, they just didn't reflect 5 years worth of work.

Edit: I know it was scrapped and restarted but It doesn't matter what happened in the development process. If I waited 5 years, then I waited 5 years.

If you want to be picky then I can just say that polyphony also made gtHD, gt5 prologue and gt psp in the same time frame as gt5, so now what?

NecrumSlavery2733d ago

"If GT5 has one little glitch where, lets say, part of the track disappears, I guarantee some journalist is going to point it out like it's a big deal."

There were numerous reports about any little glitch found. And the comments shot up in to the hundreds. Comments of "Teh Doomdz", etc.

But on Fable 3, all the reviews are about the same. The world is so breathtaking, the characters are forgetable, the best features removed, the new features added. It's short still and doesn't seem to have that great depth in the side quests anymore. The Co-op is great, the emotion connection to the characters is non existant.

Basically, Fable 2 was so good, that all the undeliveredness of F3 really hurt people. It could of been great but ended up "ok".

But dude, many people have the exact same reaction to Fallout New Vegas. I love that game, and you should love playing Fable 3 if you loved Fable 2. Just know that people realize that is didn't deliver on that revolutionary emotion experienced promised.

Bass_fisherman2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

How this game fails its beyond me.reviewers conplain about bad design,bugs ,glitches and repetitive combat aside from an interesting story that allows u how to decide what to do from now and then.

Fallout New vegas as exacly the same problems but it gets all that overhyped praise for nothing while Fable 3 does have really good looking graphics,an orchestral soundtrack,great voice acting ,fun stuff to do and in the end its all about getting an great experience.

Fallout New Vegas and Fable 3 are equality worth it but considering my personal taste on RPG´s Fable 3 takes the cup for having everything that a game of its genre should have (except the tecnical problems) and Fallout New Vegas as outdated graphics, a pretty forgetable soundtrack, boring voice acting (the same voice actors from Fallout 3), generic looking characters, repetitive combat (in the end its all about getting more weapons like Fable 3) and all those tecnical problems that everyone knows about.

Now tell me how this fails and New Vegas doesnt?

TheBlackSmoke2733d ago

Its not that Fable 3 is terrible, it's just literally fable 2 but even more scaled back. The presentation is great,graphics, voice acting, interface, music etc but the core gameplay is identical to fable 2 with even more linearity and the pacing of the story is terrible. It starts off incredibly slooooowwww, literally 2 hours in before I even did a quest because it takes that long to develop the plot to the point where you can free roam, and just when the story gets juicy after you become king... the game ends.

...And no im not defending Fallout NV either. Which might as well be an expansion pack for fallout 3. It does do a better job of telling a tale than fable 3 through character interaction, and the quest's are plentiful and varied but if any other game had that many bugs/glitches and frankly terrible visuals, it would of been slaughtered by game critics.

HolyOrangeCows2733d ago

0:28 of video. They accidentally labeled it as a PS3 game. ROFL

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