Duke Nukem PSP and DS games no longer Duke Nukem games

With Duke Nukem finally getting dragged out of his grave by Gearbox Software, who will finally be releasing Duke Nuke Forever next year, what of the announced Nintendo DS and PSP games? According to the developer of the portable titles, Frontline Studios, they're still in development… but no longer Duke Nukem games.

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Vegeta90002760d ago

First DNF & now the handheld games.

I lost interest in Duke Nukem Forever as soon as Gearbox took over.

Mista T2760d ago

this isn't from Gearbox -_-

Quagmire2760d ago

Don't use logic, it hurts a Troll's brain.

Cheeseknight282760d ago

I actually only got interested in Duke Nukem Forever after Gearbox announced they were doing it. Borderlands was one of my favorite gaming experiences last year, I know they can do great things.

Bass_fisherman2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

@Vegeta9000 Ur a moron for an Duke fan

tacosRcool2760d ago

I wonder what the titles will be

Bass_fisherman2760d ago

QUOTE from article: "Frontline will still be releasing the games, only with a different title so generic it'll knock the wind out of you -- Extraction Point: Alien Shootout."

wow its really generic but ill buy it for their sake if i still remember that name after DNF comes out.

gamerdude1322760d ago

*sigh* Doesn't matter, the entire trailer looked bad and 3/4 of the sound effects came from Manhattan Project. I know it was still in Pre-Alpha or whatever, but it still looked shitty.